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Although I wander from it here and there, I am still on the strict diet guidelines that my doctor gave me.  I really deviated one week and put back on 4 pounds.  Overall, I have lost about 10.5 pounds to date and the current rate is two per week.  :)

I am also on Wellbutrin, 300 mg, and that has killed my appetite almost completely.  Good that I do not get hungry for snacks during the day but bad because even though I am not feeling hungry, my body will still need fuel and react as necessary (storing up on fat).  I am now trying to work on this and get the balance back.  The food in the outline right now is simply too much to eat even though it is only 1,000 cals per day.

The other night I sat down with dinner (3.2 ounces of meat, .5 cup of veggies, and a few french fries <G>) and I simply could not finish it.  During the day I ate a bit of meat and three servings of fruit.  Right before bed I had a spot of chocolate milk.

Has anyone else run into this?

My concerns are:
do not want to kill my metabolism due to:
extra fat being stored from the not eating thing
losing weight too quickly:
compromises the immunity system
stretch marks
loose/saggy skin
harder to firm up and tone later

I am also not getting enough exercise outside of my normal work activities but I am trying to do better.  In a few weeks I go on the generic for Wellbutrin and will take one pill in the AM and the other about 6 hours later.  Therefore, this may not be an issue for breakfast anymore but possibly for dinner that night.

Hi LostInTime,
 Some medications can be the culprit to stagnated weight loss. Ask your pharmisy about the side effects of the Wellbutrin. Point out the issues you are having see what their reply is.

Second do you have a sugar level problem? Either low or high? It's very important to eat smaller meals and more often if you do.

Also Stress? What is your stress level other than what you deal with being in transition...which is enough in itself to sause caos from the dieting stand point. Work related and financial count here too. As does Family tugging and pulling in more directions then one can handle. That's a whole other topice I've been working a write up for.

DRINK 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to flush the toxins out of your system. This is needed anyway whether you are dieting or not. Just increasing your water intake can help you loose weight.Management of the body you want to keep now that you have managed to achieve your goal.

1.Never eat after 6:00p.m.   
2.Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day to cleanse your body.
3.Limit your salt, sugar, and caffeine intake.
What you outlined you are eating I have issues with and your body apparently does also. Untill you have hit the area of weight loss that your body burns stored fat reserves you will need to stop all in take of potates, (french friess too sorry.) All breads must go, only fruit in a.m. when you first rise in the morning. Eat this before showering and dressing. The exercise you do get during the morning routine of showering dressing and such will help burn it off. fruit size portons should be half an apple, orange or 5 to 7 medium size berries. Eliminate Bananas at this point too. They are while full of natural sugars and starches which in the system become more sugars. In fact stay away from any thing white at this point, fruit, veggies, pastas breads. They all turn to sugar in the system. Use fat fre dressings for salids. Vinigarett type. not those made with milks and creams. Eliminate chocolate milks. It's not how many calories you take in so much as it is the type of calories. Also from what you shared of what you ate it is not 3 meals a day and the snack between in the morning and afternoon. This is needed for speeding up the metabolic rate. Your body doesn't trust you and every thing you are eating is being stroed and hoarded. IT will continue to do this if you continue not to give it food on a regular set routine. as I said you do not haev to eat a lot but you do have to eat at the same time each day and not eliminate the snacks which can consist of one selection of the following:
two peanutbutter crackers
15 peanuts
10 macadamias, cashews or almonds
one teaspoon peanut butter
five strawberries.

4.Avoid carbonated beverages, sweets and starches. Carbonation holds in toxin in. Also iliminate Caffine. It will make you hunry.

5.Cut down on animal fats. Fiber and complex carbohydrates are excellent substitutes. At this point iliminate the animal fats completely.

7.Dry Skin Brush everyday before you bath to firm, tone and tighten skin.

8.Exercise at least 3 times a week.

The dry skin brushing aids in weight loss. This is needed because your skin grows daily. There is always a dead layer of skin lying upon the surface of the skin. This needs removed or exfoliated daily. Dry skin brushing before you body wrap will rid the body of the dead skin cells and open the pores. It will also stimulate the sweat glands and increase blood circulation. That’s a big important part.

All of these issues have baring on how a body looses weight each body falls out of tune because of what we feed it and the age process and a slowing metabolism, and lack of exercise.

Try fixing as many of these vital ingredents to losing weight and you should have more success.

Remember to be kind to yourself and don't beat yourself up over slipping of the plan.

If still after trying to fix the wieght issues through the forename suggestions and one does not have saticfactory results then other health issues should be looked into.

Hope this helps.


I am actually under a medically supervised dietary change, as posted in the 1,000 calorie a day diet.  I do cheat here and there but I mostly follow it.  I am not supposed to be taking in any starches, including starchy veggies.   However, there is a problem.  I simply do not like a lot of foods.  I am very picky in what I will eat and experiment with.

Yesterday was:

2 servings of milk
serving of fruit (navel orange)

about 3 ounces of turkey on a roll with one slice of provolone cheese

No snack as I was running reports all day and quite busy

about 2.5-3oz of steak that I skillet fried.  I seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, etc
3 homemade curly fries
1 small scoop of Rocky Road ice cream (all about portion control)

Drinks throughout the day:  about a 1 litre of water and one 12 oz Sprite

Breakfast for today has been:
1 navel orange (measured big enough around to count as 2 servings of fruit)
but I will be walking across the street for some milk and an afternoon fruit snack.

Lunch will be the same and dinner will be 4 ounces of chicken and a 1/4 cup of edamame

No veggies as I had no appetite.  I originally prepared about .7 pounds of meat.  I put the extra aside and placed just what I was supposed to have on my plate.  After I was full I placed what was left on the plate with the other meat and sealed it all up for tonight/this weekend.  I had been on the move since about 3 am and crashed about 9p.

No blood sugar issues at all.   Docs always think this too but every single test to date has shown it to be completely normal.
The side effects of 300mg of Wellbutrin is appetite suppression.  My doc is very good and she detailed everything I could expect.  I was just curious if anyone else had run into this with other medications.

Exercise.  I do keep busy and am border line hyperkinetic.  When I say I visit my friend that also means I usually clean up, haul firewood, etc.  I keep on the move almost constantly so most of my energy for workout issues are probably somewhere with that.  ;)  I also try (note the word try, not always successful) to get out a few times each week for at least a 15 minute walk in the sun (work in an old building, in the basement, which is a bomb shelter, or was back in the day).

I can eat after 6pm because I do not have the same sleep cycle as everyone else. ;)

Thank you for the information though, I am sure others could use that as a guideline for their dietary shift.  In a few months I should have enough pennies saved up to pick up a nice, natural brush to try that skin brushing.  Sounds relaxing.
I am at 12 pounds down and counting.  :)

Now what I used to eat:
Either McDs or a bowl of cereal
If cereal then 1 honeybun at work in the AM
various chocolate snacks throughout the day

pizza or other high cal, high fat products
(cheese steaks, fried cheese, etc)
still snacking on that candy

Some sort of meat, about 10 oz
Potatoes of some sort
no veggies
big bowl of ice cream, still snacking on chocolate

And add about 6-8 drinks of diet cola to that.  Hardly any water, no fruits, very little veggies (usually corn, which I am not supposed to have right now).  With that, I would hold steady to add a few pounds and then drop a few pounds when I became so busy or full that I could not eat.

Posted at: February 10, 2006, 08:25:31 AMOh stess.  Financial is up there and is my most stressful point.
Work stress is about nil.  I show up, work, go home, and never have to worry about being called in.
Transition stress is about nil.  I pass, I exist, I deal.
Relationship stress is up there, tired of being alone but have had lousy luck on finding a partner that I want.

So I have less stress than most people do.  Every few years I will have a high amount of stress as I seem to be asked for physical security here and there and usually be the time I am asked, it is really bad.

Off to the market.  Thanks again!

I would suggest a workout routine.  Why?  It increased your appetite AND betabolism, and overall health.  Hit the gym every night, seriously.

Sadly the gym is for those who can afford to buy food every month and have money left over.  Not a category I currently fit into at the moment.  Plus my body responds quickly to any type of weight lifting routine and the muscle mass starts adding up quickly, even on hormones.  It is from all of the years of bodybuilding combined with genetics I suppose.

I do try to stay active even though my schedule fluctuates daily.  I never know where or when I will be until I actually get there.

So for now I am trying to hit the crosstrainer a few times a week and snack on at least a few healthy items.  I no longer follow the 1,000 cals because it just left me too wiped out at the end of the day.


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