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The Ashes have been returned

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V M:

--- Quote from: MaryT on July 05, 2018, 11:11:03 am ---It's called a cricket bat.  You can use it to demolish your home until you find the insect that's driving you mad, then you whack the cricket itself.

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I know what it is  ;D  Just having a bit of fun with it LOL


--- Quote from: ErinWDK on July 04, 2018, 08:19:39 am ---On a thread about things Australian?  This was a Roo from the late sixties.  The show was a sort of Australian version of Lassie.  To be fair, as much of a Yank as I am, I don't watch re-runs of Lassie either.  A boy and his Roo, a show for the MUCH younger set (a LONG time ago).

Google is your friend...

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big kim:
Best fun i  had with a  cricket bat  was one with 5 holes  drilled in it. Each hole contained a shot of different flavoured Sambuca. I had one  shot after a bottle of cider til they were gone, I left the bar with Pierce Brosnan & Kylie but woke up with Shane McGowan & Anne Widdicombe! 5 ciders,  5  Sambucas sounds like a George Thorogood song!

Set to "Bad to the Bone"


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