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Trigger Warning: Catholic Bishops tell parents to reject their transgender kids

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Catholic Bishops in the US are behind a new campaign encouraging parents to reject their transgender children.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a letter this week that brands transgender people “deeply troubling” and claims that changing gender is a “false idea”. 

There is nothing in the Bible about transgender people or changing gender, but the Bishops have called for parents to refuse to allow kids to transition.

Studies have shown that an unaccepting or stifling environment drastically increases the likelihood that transgender youths will attempt suicide......

Pink News/by Nick Duffy   12/20/2017

From a bunch of people that saw nothing wrong with covering up for 1000s of heinous acts of pedophilia this is truly pathetic.  Sure they're concerned about children.  What a hateful, despicable group.

Let’s not let the evangelicals off the hook on this one.  Lots of them signed the letter too.

Their position is understandable though.  In order for their theology to be true then demonstrated reality has to be false.

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I’m not certain, but I don’t think the pope is on board completely with this.

I grew up Catholic. I never bought into it, but I had no idea how extreme they are. I will now shut up before I get myself in trouble. There is a line from "Game of Thrones" that is appropriate here. "Shame"...shame... shame...shame..."

big kim:
British transexual tells Catholics to reject their kiddie fiddling priests


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