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Trigger Warning: Catholic Bishops tell parents to reject their transgender kids

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Who are they to judge, those guys wear dresses more than I do.


--- Quote from: Jessica on December 20, 2017, 04:05:48 pm ---I’m not certain, but I don’t think the pope is on board completely with this.

--- End quote ---
The pope gets his LGBT+ information from Paul McHugh, the notorious transphobe and darling of the evangelical anti-trans movement.

color me shocked #EyeRoll

They are confusing gender and sexuality. I find it disturbing that the welfare of the child a back seat to trying to make a person something that they are not.


Well I can tell you that, that is a load of bull. My grandma was a hard core Catholic and she believed everything God was good, her bishop told her to accept me for who I am because I was a gift from god regardless who I chose to be. So I love how people still think so poorly about this stuff and say that ALL religious figures are against trans when that is a lie honestly. I my self am not Catholic I am instead Wicca since Wicca is one of the only religions with no bias beliefs, my Grandma (Now passed) knew I was not one to follow the Catholic faith and instead followed the spiritual rout of beliefs, but even though she would tell me stories that where religious and share with me things she knew about God, she never pressured me into following the Catholic faith or even tried changing my mind. She supported me fully and even gave my mom and I her money as an inheritance to help with any needs I may have due to my transgender situation. So bottom line people just use that "Your sinning" stuff because they are immature and don't want to accept you, but in truth the bible does not teach to hate gays or <not allowed>, and if it does most priests don't bother with those teachings.


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