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Getting over my anxiety and self-referral to GIC


I'm starting my second attempt at transitioning.

My first attempt fell flat when just as I was to attend my first GIC appointment I fell ill and I was also dealing with disability discrimination at work.

After that the discrimination at work became so serious that it took priority and the topics I was discussing with my counsellor I had started seeing regarding my gender dysphoria, changed solely to dealing with the problems at work and the relating anxiety.

Move on two years and the work issue is finally resolved now I have a new boss. I now get a lot of praise and my work often gets top marks when audited.

I'm now in a fantastic position at work, albeit part-time, with fantastic colleagues. So I've now turned my attention back to transitioning. I booked an appointment two weeks ago with the sole intention of getting re-referred to a GIC. My GP is fantastic and has dealt with my complex and large array of health issues fantastically and is amazing to talk to. He listened when I first asked for a refferal to a GIC...

...However, I bottled it. Instead I used the appointment to discuss one of my long term health issues and a neck injury I got from two days previously.

I was always going to talk to him about my neck injury after I got it but I'm annoyed I wasted time talking unnecessarily about a previous health issue and not transitioning.

What I'm leading on to here is, are there any GIC's I can self-refer to to get round this issue of talking to my GP?

Charlotte F:
Hey Sarah

Well done on your decision to move forward and get some help.  Those first steps are really hard so I can definitely empathise with you there.  I've had so many occasions, especially in the early days, where similar things happened to me.  It will get a lot easier once you've made that first step though.  Next time you go to see your GP you could always write down the points you want to cover and then use that to help you say what needs to be said.  I know it will take a lot of courage but it sounds like you have a supportive, friendly GP so they are probably a good first source for support in your journey

As far as I know, all NHS GICs currently require a referral from your GP.  If finances allow, there are some private options you could look at like Gendercare & Gender GP - these can be self-referred

I self referred myself to GenderCare - appt is the end of March but it will be better either way if you talk to a GP - I did anyway. Make an appt with a female one if you can and remember they're there to help you not judge you. There's clear NHS guidelines these days on how you should be treated.

Maybe think about some counselling first as well - I know it's nerve wracking - I was shaking in my boots when I went but mine was lovely about it although didn't know a thing about it either.

Small steps make a long journey finish xx


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