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Choosing a new Hebrew name


Shalom aleikhem!
My Hebrew name is the exact translation of my deadname. I've been meaning to choose a new one, but I really don't know how! How did you choose your new Hebrew name, if you changed it?

One of my friends named me. It's been one of the most rewarding parts of transitioning for me.

Hugs, Devlyn

Google search. There are sites that give the meaning of Hebrew and other names, Greek, Latin, Arabic, and various other languages. I'm sure you'll find something you like. Been researching the these sites for an appropriate name begin with A, to replace my male middle name.

Good luck

Dee Marshall:
I'm not Jewish, but Randi and I have been together for nearly 40 years. You pick up things. Typically your Hebrew name is for a relative already deceased at the time of your birth. If you still want to honor them pick a Hebrew name that starts with the same letter.

If not... well, I've always found Randi's Hebrew name, "Tiberelia", to be lovely. Our son's is "Pesach Elhonnen".

The spy who came in from the cold in the War Between the Sexes.

I am not Jewish, but I do have Mideast ancestry. I looked long and hard for an appropriate name, then in an ethnic cookbook in the back where the recipes are credited to the women who submitted their kitchen secrets, was my new name. I like it and it is now me.


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