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Does anyone know a Dr in Southern Cal. who accurately diagnoses intersex?


Michelle F:
been seeing a guy for 6 months. Don't want to go into all of it. Just saw an article where he said that he doesn't consider Klinfelter's to be an intersex condition...based on "lack of ambiguous genitalia".

No wonder I feel a little nuts around him.

Can someone please refer me to someone who will at least be objective with me. My blood tests show that I have a female level of estrogen (tested 3 times) and this guy asks me if I "feel like a woman trapped in a mans body".

Please get back to me,



Hey Chelle,

Did you get your MRI and Ultrasound results?  What were the results? 

Michelle F:
It's taken me a while to find a new Dr. So I guess after I go through the initial phases of getting oriented with them, I will get that far eventually. Hopefully, the sooner the better.

thank you

utter BS... Kleinfelters is a recognised IS condition. largely because of ambiguous sex chromasomes... not genetalia... but ambiguous genetalia is only present in SOME IS conditions, not all.
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