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Hello Susan's community.

I'm Haya, 28 years old, A Syrian transgender woman. I didn't start any treatment yet because I didn't have the opportunity to start. My look is already feminine even without hormone treatment ( thanks to the high level of estrogen in my blood ) so although most of times I feel sad because I wasn't born as a cis woman but because my look is feminine and I'm even more beautiful ( as a female ) than many cis women, that in the other hand makes me feel happy and encourages me to start my sexual transition because I already know that I can pass perfectly. I love the feminine world and I want to live each second of my life as a female.

The most thing that delay my transition is that I don't want to start alone, I'm looking for a trans woman around my age who have a similar situation so we can be friends and do our transitions together and support each other.

Now I'll talk in Arabic :

أنا هيا . امرأة متحولة من سوريا. لسه ما بدأت أي علاج سواء هرموني أو جراحي لأنو ظروفي ما كانت بتسمح. جسمي بالأساس مؤنث إلى حد كبير بفضل المستوى العالي لهرمون
  الاستروجين بدمي و هالشي عطاني سبب إضافي لكون متشجعة إني ابدأ برحلة التحول و لكن عم دور على صديقة وضعها بيشبه وضعي و تكون لسه ما بدأت أي علاج و عندها نية
 جادة للتحول فوقتها ممكن نتعرف و نسافر سوا على بلد يكون مناسب و نبدأ رحلة التحول الهرموني و من ثم الجراحي سوية و نكون صديقتين و نوقف دائماً مع بعض لأنو مرحلة التحول الجنسي هي مرحلة شاقة و صعبة كتير و مليئة بلحظات كآبة و يأس و أنا ما بدي عيش هيك مرحلة و أنا وحيدة.

 و على العموم إذا في هون نساء متحولات عربيات يا ريت تردوا بهالموضوع و تتواصلوا معي لأنو أنا فعلاً بحاجة لصديقة متحولة تكون متلي و تحس بمعاناتي و اقدر افتحلا قلبي و نتناقش عن القضايا اللي بتهم النساء المتحولات

و شكراً لكن



Allison S:
I love the arabic writing!! I wish I could read and write it like all my older siblings do.

I'm 27 and just started transitioning with hrt. I don't really like talking about my looks because it makes me dysphoric and anxious but some friends tell me I look good... I'm more in this to finally show the world what I feel inside. What I've always felt!

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Hi dist123 ...

What you mentioned is interesting, do you have an Arab origin?

Actually my look is important to me but without exaggeration. I just don't like to be less beautiful or feminine than a cis woman after I pass as a woman. I used to take care of my look since my puberty, my hair and body in the way that normal girl does, so I can say somehow I grew up as a female at least inside my room and in front of the mirror.

Anyways the standards of beauty is different from woman to another.

Allison S:
Hi! I guess I'm a modest buttercup lol except I'm probably reserved so I don't shatter my own ego because of my limitations

I was born in Jordan but moved with my family at 5 years old.

I'm sure you are beautiful!

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It sounds interesting. I guess you are lucky because in Jordan it was to be impossible to start your transition, but I wonder what do your family think about that.

Thank you sweetie I think you are more beautiful.  :-*


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