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Charlie Nicki:
 I think going a month or more without sex while being young and on a serious relationship is out of the ordinary. Definitely check if your T is too low. Also; anything bothering you emotionally/psychologically lately?

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I have felt very lethargic lately, like really low energy. I feel tired a lot and never have the motivation for getting active. I feel like I've put on weight quite a bit, though my boyfriend keeps telling me I look fine. I just feel blah. I also stress a lot about my work. I am a psychologist and I supervise about a dozen cases right now. I'm still in the 1st year since receiving my certification and getting the hang of things. But I feel like a lot of stress from that is really linked to my lack of energy and focus as well. I can't get motivated to get stuff done, I fall behind on work, I get stressed, and then I feel worse.

I've also had the worst mood swings lately. Like getting angry for no reason or crying at the drop of a hat. I just don't feel like myself lately. I haven't changed my dosages at all, but I've been on the same her regimen for years and years without issue. I am of the belief that it has to do with my diet and lack oif exercise, so I starting a new health plan yesterday to remove excess sugar and carbohydrates and fat and to focus on healthier living. Hopefully that helps. But when it cones to exercise I'm still dealing wityh the energy issue. Maybe I should schedule an appointment with my doctor.

I'm far from anything resembling an expert, I'm barely a novice really, but that sounds a lot like the effects a hormone imbalance. Even if you haven't changed your doses, it doesn't mean your hormones won't change.

I setup an appointment for Friday. It will prolly take a minute for the blood work and everything but maybe my doctor has some advice.

As one of the things you will be looking into is your T levels, The following chart might be useful. Women sometimes have low T issues and there is a patch that provides very low dose T to bring women into the normal range. In my case, I am post surgical for 35 years and my T level is 36 ng/dL without supplements.

SEX                     pg/ml
Women (> 18 years old)   
      Follicular Phase  30-120
      Ovulatory Peak   130-370
      Luteal Phase      70-250
      Post-Menopausal   15-60
Male                    15-60

SEX      ng/dl        ng/ml
Females  6 - 86     0.1 - 1.2
Males  270 - 1100   2.4 - 12
Conversion factor: 1 ng/ml = 3.47 nmol/l

Analyte        Gravietric  Conversion International
               Unit        Factor     Unit
Estrone        pg/mL       3.699      pmol/L
Estradiol      pg/ml       3.67       pmol/L
Estriol        pg/ml       3.47       nmol/L


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