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how to keep from geting erections

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does anyone know if there any ways to keep from geting erections? does anyone know if saltpeater can realy causes impotance?

I have never heard that about saltpeter, Geez I hope not for I think its still an additive to food. Was used a lot in sausages as a preservative & to make the meat look red.  I think any salt in excess can have ungood consequences.
In Victorian times Bromides were a favoured means of reducing the sexual desires of teenagers.  I don't know what the chemical composition is - thou I assume they are a salt of bromine (I guess the info can be found via Google). They most probably have some adverse effect on people using them.
Actually on consideration, quantities of beer are very good for removing the ability even thou it increases the desire - thou I don't recommend this :)
But disphoric, the question that occurred to me is why do you want to keep from getting erections?   

Hi Rana and Disphoric, You could just go to a Doctor or Shrink and explain that you have a very high sex drive and want to reduce your libido and then try some anti androgens. They work most cases but sometimes spontanious errections mostly in the morning or at night will happen but not during the day.

It can be a good idea if you are not sure how you feel to talk to someone and make an informed decision as taking these kind of drugs can make you sterile.

But like Rana, I am interested in why you would want to end your errections unless of course you are wanting to become the obvious.


thanks for the quick replies sara and rana:D In answer to your question, i dont mind erections as long as its not me geting one. Every time i get one i want to be sick and the less i notice my deformity the better.

Disphoric, I too had a desire to end my errections cause they caused me so much confusion in my brain but mine was because I was a girl not because I just wanted to stop the errections and cut the damn things off and look more like a GG (funny that). So you are saying you are completely comfortable with who you are as a male but just cant stand the thing jumping up anytime it feels like it or are you saying you have feelings that put you in another basket all together, there is nothing wrong with that either way?



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