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Help with not looking feminine

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My therapists have said to go down the path and see where you end up. While I don't "think" I'm a candidate for GCS, I'm going to walk down that path. I'm eating better and losing weight, I'm also working out more, but no weights. I do a lot of stretching and cardio. I'm also doing hair removal. I cut my hair and nails but I feel I don't need it at this point. That can be taken care of with wigs and fake nails when I have time to dress (3 teens at home).

I'm exploring my femme side as far as I can while protecting my family and job. I'm taking a long-term approach. I still want to remove my beard, but time and money. We'll see how far I get.

My recommendation is for you to also take positive steps. Instead of worrying about how you look, decide how you can make it better.


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