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When something is looking out of norm, it attracts attention and scrutiny. But people judge by a complex of factors, not by only one or two. So, if the evaluation in the end comes more into female favor, you pass.

Let’s say your height, shoulders, size of your feet, would always make you more visible. But what if they are balanced by feminine voice, face, hair, presentation, manners, female curves? These characteristics are totally  achievable with time, money, training and medical intervention.

So, passing (most of the time, to the acceptable level of female presentation) is achievable to everyone. The question is if you have desire and resources to get there.

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Allie Bee:
Thank you so much Laurie, ill get to the introduction area soon as possible:P
Thank you so much♡♡♡

Allie Bee:
& also thank you so much Allison S,  that means a Lot.
Believe it or not, its not all dependant on genes, theres a lot you can do to get as much out of the transition as possible. Like watching your diet, keeping your DHT (DiHydroTestosterone) low, & just basically stayin healthy:)
Thank you again sweetie💖

Charlie Nicki:

--- Quote from: Allie Bee on January 22, 2018, 02:25:03 am

Remember what i said, i had full Thick beard, constant 5oclock shadow, deeeep voice, manly af.
When i first came out,  i had ppl telling me i had NO CHANCE of passing as feminine.
That was two years ago. Look at the instagram page & see for yourself what hrt can do:)

--- End quote ---

I saw your pics and that is an amazing transformation. Can you share which voice exercises you did to improve?


--- Quote from: Allie Bee on January 22, 2018, 02:18:36 am ---I was about 6'0" & full beard, heavy 5 o clock shadow, muscles, broad shoulders, big forearms, no <not allowed>, & a voice like johhny cash (no lie)
Now i get mistaken for a cis girl all the time in pics & even irl & have straight guys hittin on me all the time...all thanx to hormones, voice training, workin out/good diet, & positivity. Id show u a pic but it seems i cant upload rn or sumthin.
Dont rely on Just the hormones. Work on femininity from every angle & youll be SHOCKED at the results within a year
(My voice is nice, high & feminine now, gets mistaken all the time for a cis girl when on the phone, dont underestimate voice training combined with hormones)
& btw, that muscle will melt away, those shoulders Will shrink;P

--- End quote ---

how did you go about voice training from a deep start? Any tips ? ;)


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