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Survey for pre and post operative girls - (approved)

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This Survey has been approved by Cindy. Feel free to participate if you wish.

Hi everyone. :angel: I hope I'm able to post this here, but I am a post-operative Suporn patient who is also a Psychology Student, and I'm researching the effects of SRS on well-being, life satisfaction, and spatial abilities.

The questionnaire is linked below (full information is given via the link) and is completely anonymous, ethically approved by my university and only takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Please be either pre-operative or 9+ months post-operative. And if you participate do not skip any questions as these responses won't be included.

It would help myself and the trans community out a great deal if you could be part of this research.

Thank you.

 This is a survey from a psychology student in the UK. Feel free to participate if you wish.

Of course post useful comments if you desire.

Research into gender issues is important and we need to foster it.


Done!… 😀

What is the definition of pre-operative for this survey? (Simply intending GCS at all, or actually scheduled and "ready to go" in that it is as certain as it can be.)

Well that is a flaw as she has nor defined it.

Therefore I presume preoperative is not having had surgery.


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