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Survey for pre and post operative girls - (approved)

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Done. I should not have taken the survey 2 seconds after waking up though, was not prepared for thinking at all. ;D


--- Quote from: PsychologyGirl on February 05, 2018, 03:52:26 am ---And @steff2.0 - I have thought about this a lot, and because pre operative or those who aren’t taking HRT would have higher testosterone overall, I added a cognitive measure, however this study does focus more on well-being, and it is a dissertation project so not as in depth as a PHD for example.

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I’m not sure that being pre-op with HRT correlates to having lower testosterone (T) than post-op.  Before HRT my T was  826 ng/dl which was high for my age.  HRT alone reduced it to <3 ng/dl.  That is also as low as can be measured.  Even if being post-op were to reduce it further, the change would not be measurable.

Done on the survey too.

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