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Survey for pre and post operative girls - (approved)

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--- Quote from: Cindy on February 05, 2018, 12:38:50 am --- This is a survey from a psychology student in the UK. Feel free to participate if you wish.

Of course post useful comments if you desire.

Research into gender issues is important and we need to foster it.


--- End quote ---

Ok, done.

Observation: The candidate theorizes that hormones affect everything in the survey, including spatial abilities, but doesn’t adequately take into account that many pre-op transgender people are on androgen blockers (MtF) or testosterone (FtM). Assuming that pre-op people on HRT will have similar hormone levels as post-op, the study may be more valuable if pre-op were defined as also pre-HRT.

Also, while the candidate doesn’t specifically state so, it’s evident that the test is intended for MtF only.

 - Stephanie

Preamble states "waiting for surgery" I would take this to mean TS and planning to go for GCS.

I think the student will benefit from the comments.

I'm still looking for a control group.

Hi everyone thanks so much for taking part.

In regards to the definition of pre-operative - Pre-opp is defined as those who are waiting to have srs or those who are non-opp, or any trans women who is transgender who hasn’t not had SRS.

And @steff2.0 - I have thought about this a lot, and because pre operative or those who aren’t taking HRT would have higher testosterone overall, I added a cognitive measure, however this study does focus more on well-being, and it is a dissertation project so not as in depth as a PHD for example.

Thanks again, and any questions ask away.

Warm Regards


Fwiw, I while I have no idea how strong the correlation is between testosterone levels and pre vs post-op.

My levels before GCS ran between 13-20 ng/dl which did correlate inversely with the amount of estradiol I was taking  and 3 months post op was 12. One more test at a different lab 5 mo post-op was "<8". The only baseline I ever knew had me at ~430ng/dl 20 years prior which I understood to be 5th percentile, quite low for a natal male. I didn't ever need spironolactone to control T, estradiol alone was sufficient to fully suppress down to low end if female range


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