Author Topic: Let's See your favorite makeup look and tell us a bit about it  (Read 772 times)

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Let's See your favorite makeup look and tell us a bit about it
« on: February 18, 2018, 02:37:09 pm »
Obviously post only what you feel comfortable saying, I think It would be fun and helpful to share make-up styles with others.. so I suppose I should start

Style: Everyday (high-end products)

Transition: 5.7 months HRT, 4th round of laser.

Foundation/Concealer: Urban Decay All-Nighter matte .05, L'orel Infallible foundation primer, Maybelline master conceal 10 fair, L'orel Hydra Perfection translucent powder(916).

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked:Heat pallet, Urban Decay  Moondust liquid eyeshadow color: Chemtrail (the shimmer in the corner of the inner eye)

Eyeliner/Mascara: Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner pot for the top, Urban Decay Waterline pencil bottom, Urban Decay Trouble Maker mascara.

Eyebrows: Elf eyeshadow with a elf eyebrow brush.

Lips: NYX SLLP 19 Slide on... Lip liner, Urban Decay Vice in Amulet liquid lipstick coated with some Urban Decay Naked Heat eyeshadow for a metallic look.

Blush/Highlighter/Bronzer (in lou of contouring); Urban Decay Naked Flush in Strip (3 in 1)

Brushes: Lorel beauty blender (pink foundation one), included brush in eyeshadow (on eyes only), sephora eyeliner brush 22, elf eyeshadow brush (lips only)

Tips/Tricks/Comments: I have skin that is a bit touchy so I exfoliate and always get a clean shave before hand, I use a beauty blender and only use a stippling motion with it to apply anything to my face. If I do anything else I get a lot of unwanted texture. the eyes I put concealer on as a primer then go in creating a "sunrise" effect on my eyes. I go clean>shave>exfoliate>primer>foundation>concealer>eyeshadow>eyeliner>mascara>brows>lipliner>lipstick>blush. The picture was taken after about 9 hours, so it defiantly sticks around :P The headset really messes with my hair but it was handy so you could see more.

I have a thing for Urban Decay just because it makes me feel good, I'm sure this can be achieved with drug store makeup as well!

If you guys ever have any questions about a look I have just ask! I'm always down to talk makeup and can't wait to see some of your looks
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Re: Let's See your favorite makeup look and tell us a bit about it
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2018, 07:20:19 am »
Clean skin and a pretty smile!

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Re: Let's See your favorite makeup look and tell us a bit about it
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2018, 12:51:01 pm »
Oooo Oooo...  I love this thread!  <3

Style: Retro Daily

Transition: 24 months HRT, 3rd round of laser.

Foundation/Concealer: MAC Studio Fix NW25 /w SPF 15 Liquid Foundation, MAC Pro Longwear NW25 Concealer, MAC Studio Fix NW25 Powder Foundation, Benefit Pore-fessional, MAC Highlighter

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Basics, MAC Painterly (primer)

Eyeliner/Mascara: MAC Fluidline eyeliner, BLINC Mascara

Eyebrows: Microbladed permanent makeup

Lips: MAC Ruby-Woo Retro Matte lipstick, MAC He Said, She Said lip liner,

Blush/Highlighter/Bronzer (in lou of contouring); MAC Mineralize Skin Finish, MAC Sweet as Cocoa

Brushes: MAC (109, 129, 130, 159, 164, 168, 187, 208, 217, 219, 224, 239), Sephora Liner Brush, Anastasia Beverlyhills brow brush

Tips/Tricks/Comments: MAC Marine Bright moisturizer at night before bed.  MAC Prep and Prime (pink) all over face and eyelids.  MAC pro-longwear concealer under eyes, edge of nose, facial scars and blend.  MAC liquid foundation, blend...  Set with powder foundation (use pore-fessional before powder if you see any bumps to smooth).  Sweet as cocoa to cheeks, sides of the bridge of the nose, and temples. Skin Finish on cheekbones and center of forehead  Urban Decay Naked Basics smokey eye (eyelid only).  Fluidline liner on top lid only with small wing (angle brow brush is amazing for getting the lines straight and even on the wings). Curl lashes, Add BLINC mascara to top lash only.  Brush eye brows... (keep the hairs going in a uniform direction).  Finish with lip liner and lipstick.  Use a small eye brush to edge your lips with powder foundation for a cleaner lip line.  Line the whole lip and color in with lip pencil before applying lipstick to ensure you don't wear it off throughout the day.  Finish with Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray.
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