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FtM packer present idea, need help


Hey everyone im a bit new but, i need some help, my friend she is really nice and i wanna try and get her a present.
she has mentioned that she wants a packer and binder, the packer not to be to big because it be a bother (yeh makes sense :P) and idk i wanna make it a surprise but well.. im mtf so i can relate a bit, i dont have any clue whatsoever to what packers are like, what you need and how much this stuff costs. Could anyone give me some advice or general ideas as to where to start :3 ? i would really appreciate it thank you all <3 :3

Mr limpy is the most basic packer you can buy. And it's quite cheap too; even cheaper if you buy it from a sex shop rather than an ftm website. I think I paid £12.  Buy the 4 or 4.5 inch one; it gives a decent bulge without it being too obvious.


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