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I am currently a engineering student at IVY community college tech in Indianapolis Indiana.
My primary reason for going back to school was to get a better education but there was another reason to and I’m told that was the wrong reason to go back to school. So now I’m looking for some advice on what my next step should be.

Right now currently im failing all of my classes and I’m only taking two classes. And one class I have to have regardless and the other one I like but I’m still failing it and I don’t know if I have the heart for it. I like cooking I’m not a very good cook but I like to cook and I love photography but my biggest fear is getting into a career what I’m always going to be alone and I’m never going to have somebody there with me or for me.

Also. If I change my major my Company will no longer pay for my education.

If you’re failing because the subjects are beyond your capability then you probably need to look for something else.  On the other hand, if you’re failing because you’re not studying enough then start studying more.  Some of the math for Engineering is pretty complex and isn’t something you can learn casually.  I know because I studied it too.  It takes a lot of work and diligence to master it.

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I just don’t understand most of it.

Like we had to work with Newton’s to weight something.
Now we are working on hooks law.

The thing to do when you’re having problems is to ask for help, either extra time with the teacher or from one of the other students.  It’s important though to understand each thing as you go because it all builds on itself.   Understand the concept behind the things and not just the mathematical formulas.  Once you understand the underlying concepts the rest follows.

I made the mistake in a couple of courses (calculus and mechanical engineering) of letting myself slide some until the night before final exams.  Then I had to pull all nighters to teach myself the whole semesters worth of stuff.

Not the recommended way to go because although I knew the material well by morning, I fell asleep during the exam.

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I’m thinking about changing my major to photography. I’m told I’m very good at it. Plus it’s something I really like.


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