Author Topic: Transgender people are born that way a new study has found  (Read 3569 times)

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Re: Transgender people are born that way a new study has found
« Reply #20 on: May 29, 2019, 06:38:28 am »
Here's a useful collection of links to research showing that being transgender has its basis in prenatal brain development:

Autopsies have shown that there are certain sexually dimorphic brain regions where there are visible differences between the sexes in size and shape. When you look at those regions in trans people's brains, they more closely resemble those of cis people of the gender they identify as, rather than cis people of their assigned sex at birth. I'm of the opinion that the differences aren't confined to just these few small brain regions though, but there are probably subtle differences at the microscopic level between the way male and female brains are wired up, that extend all the way through the brain, and that affect just about every thing the brain does.

Experiments on animals have shown that it's easy to produce animals with a brain that is intersex, or even completely sex reversed, just by administering hormones to the pregnant mother. That suggests that being trans is the result of atypical hormone levels during our prenatal development (or genetic anomalies that mimic the effects of atypical hormone levels).

Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry hasn't properly appreciated the importance of hormones during prenatal development in determining which sex you develop as (and particularly, the future sex of your brain). For over 70 years, they've been promoting artificial female hormones (estrogens and progestins) to pregnant women as treatments for preventing miscarriages and premature births. Many of us MTF and transfeminine people in the over 40s age bracket were exposed to an artificial estrogen called DES, however I'm of the opinion that the effect isn't limited to DES, and it's likely that any medical use of hormones in pregnancy runs the risk of producing a transgender child. This would explain why more and more trans people are being born, even though DES was phased out 40 years ago. Some of the progestin class of hormones have also been shown to be capable of inducing male development in female fetuses, so medical hormones could also be a cause of FTM transgender.

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Re: Transgender people are born that way a new study has found
« Reply #21 on: May 30, 2019, 05:19:30 pm »
I saw a documentary called : What Makes A Woman ? With Munroe Bergdorf.
She talks to alot of people about the topic and at the ending 39:00 she travels to Germany where she's been told that there are something(brain or gene) that says she's transgender.

Can you give links to any of this scientific literature?
Yes please me too
I don't think I've done 500 posts so I won't try to post links but these studies can be found with duckduckgo or other google like search engines.

I found several papers that agree that people who id themselves as transexual have certain parts of the brain that match who they ID with which is 180 degrees from their "naughty bits."  I seriously wish that folks in science would study some history to find that every generation has a large percentage that think agreement is the gold standard of science and are regularly proven wrong.  Today we have a large group that all agree trans people are pervs or mental patients so it must be true.  I think bringing attention to these male / female brain studies and encouraging larger studies would do much to reduce the idiotic masses saying these things.

Doesn't living on a tiny speck in the solar system which is a tiny speck in the galaxy which is a tiny speck in the universe and knowing we have never been anywhere else kind of hint we don't know everything?  Based on that I think science should be a little bit more humble?  How long has it been since we had dirt floors and the fastest way to get from point to point was a horse?

I once remarked that anyone who would willingly go through all the "tortures' of surgery, hair removal etc etc etc should be given the benefit of the doubt.  Right?
"I wish there was another sex, a neutral one. One with no parts. One that was outside of the whole reproduction thing. Then people would never even see me as an option. That would be really nice."

Genderrelated accounts : AVEN / Youtube

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Transgender people are born that way a new study has found
« Reply #22 on: May 30, 2019, 10:33:33 pm »

I saw a documentary called : What Makes A Woman ? With Munroe Bergdorf.
She talks to alot of people about the topic and at the ending 39:00 she travels to Germany where she's been told that there are something(brain or gene) that says she's transgender.

A review:

The actual show

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Re: Transgender people are born that way a new study has found
« Reply #23 on: May 30, 2019, 11:59:33 pm »
A number of people have asked for links to actual studies, peer reviewed articles, and such.  Here is a good starter set to introduce the current state of research:

Links for online articles:

 Beyond XX and XY: The Extraordinary Complexity of Sex Determination
Funct Neurol. 2009 Jan-Mar;24(1):17-28.
Sexual differentiation of the human brain in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation.
Swaab DF1, Garcia-Falgueras A.

“Are the Brains of Transgender People Different from Those of Cisgender People?”
“The Scientist”, March 2018, Shawna Williams

“Sex redefined”, “Nature”, 18 February 2015, Claire Ainsworth

The September 2017 issue of Scientific American has a number of articles on gender and the brain.

Transsexual gene link identified

“Gender & Sexuality”

Assorted Publications on the Topic...
G. Spizzirri et al, “Grey and white matter volumes either in treatment-naïve or hormone-treated transgender women: a voxel-based morphometry study”, Scientific Reports Volume 8, Article number: 736 (2018)
A.-M. Bao, D.F. Swaab, “Sexual differentiation of the human brain: Relation to gender identity, sexual orientation and neuropsychiatric disorders,” Front Neuroendocrin, 32:214-26, 2011.
J.-N. Zhou et al., “A sex difference in the human brain and its relation to transsexuality,” Nature, 378:68-70, 1995.
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A. Garcia-Falgueras, D. Swaab, “A sex difference in the hypothalamic uncinate nucleus: relationship to gender identity,” Brain, 131:3132-46, 2008.
S.M. Burke et al., “Male-typical visuospatial functioning in gynephilic girls with gender dysphoria—organizational and activational effects of testosterone,” J Psychiatry Neurosci, 41:395-404, 2016.
G.S. Kranz et al., “White matter microstructure in transsexuals and controls investigated by diffusion tensor imaging,” J Neurosci, 34:15466-75, 2014.
E. Hoekzema et al., “Regional volumes and spatial volumetric distribution of gray matter in the gender dysphoric brain,” Psychoneuroendocrino, 55:59-71, 2015.
L. Zubiaurre-Elorza et al., “Cortical thickness in untreated transsexuals,” Cereb Cortex, 23:2855-62, 2013.
A. Guillamon et al., “A review of the status of brain structure research in transsexualism,” Arch Sex Behav, 45:1615-48, 2016.
J. Junger et al., “More than just two sexes: the neural correlates of voice gender perception in gender dysphoria,” PLOS ONE, 9:e111672, 2014.
I. Savic, S. Arver, “Sex dimorphism of the brain in male-to-female transsexuals,” Cereb Cortex, 21:2525-33, 2011.
J.D. Feusner et al., “Intrinsic network connectivity and own body perception in gender dysphoria,” Brain Imaging Behav, 11:964-76, 2017.
E.S. Smith et al., “The transsexual brain—A review of findings on the neural basis of transsexualism,” Neurosci Biobehav R, 59:251-66, 2015.

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Re: Transgender people are born that way a new study has found
« Reply #24 on: June 03, 2019, 10:37:14 am »
Thanks so much Michelle.  I have read some of these abd will check out the others.

I am a retired scientist and teacher.  Trained and research in molecular bio.  It is clear from what research hasbeen done, that a biological basis is being illuminated.  Each of us knows it is a state of being, physical and mental.  I hope this thread continues as new research comes out.

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Re: Transgender people are born that way a new study has found
« Reply #25 on: June 16, 2019, 10:02:53 am »
I knew it to be true I didn't wake up and say I'm a woman I was born with a mission in life to overcome challenges and be a beautiful cowgirl woo hoo

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Re: Transgender people are born that way a new study has found
« Reply #26 on: June 16, 2019, 11:58:43 am »
I was five years old when I first realized that I had the wrong body for my brain. Sadly that was 1974 and I wish like hell something could have been done about my wrong body. I never told anyone what was wrong with me, and it's probably a good thing. Those were even more dangerous times than they are now to be considered different. If I had told someone, I'm sure some people would have wanted to "get rid" of me. Not anyone in my family of course, but if any other rednecks found out about how I felt that would have been really bad.
Finally started the process of becoming the real me! 5/20/19
Came out online 5/20/19
First time coming out face to face 6/3/19
First therapist appointment for HRT 6/3/19
Got my letter for HRT 6/10/19
Came out to my mom 6/18/19
Started HRT 7/12/19

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Re: Born transgender
« Reply #27 on: July 20, 2019, 10:46:30 am »

I was going to respond to a post about a recent publication saying that we are born trans, but it was an old thread so I’m starting this.  It’s going be from the perspective of M2F folk.   It applies to other trans folk as well.

I’m a neuroscientist, so a lot of this is from the medical literature.  In general, advanced scanning technology over the past 10 years or so has compared M2F brains to cis males and females.  Our brains in small but important regions are like cis females and totally unlike cis males.  This has been found pre HRT.  Two of those regions are the bed nucleus of the stria terminalus and the SDN.  SDN stands for sexual dimorphic nucleus.  There are other regions but those are two I call remember right now.

Apparently, these differences give us a sense of identity that we are female

So, M2F brains are like those of cis-women and NOT like cis-men.   We are born this way. 

BTW.  I don’t like the expression “I identify as a woman”.   It sounds kind of whimsical and doesn’t reflect the depth this resides in our psyches.   I believe,as such, the expression gives our detractors something to use against us.   “Well, you identify as a woman today, I identify as a dog and will use the fire hydrant”.  You know, mocking us.    That sort of thing.

WE know what we mean by the terminology we use.  Cis folk don’t and we need to think about what we use when talking to them about us.  We don’t want to give weapons to the bad apples.

Understand?   Comments?  Ideas?

I think the problem with the term "Identify" is that it sounds like a connection to people who are not on HRT, have not seen a therapist about this and have not had GRS *And have no plans to) demanding bathroom rights. I think this is a weapon used against TS folks who are trying to make the change. I'm thinking out loud but the word transexual seems like it has to be someone at some point between male to female or the other way around.  You can say "I am Transexual" but it seems more serious when you've sat down with a therapist / doctor and have done something such as starting HRT.  I'm also a little bit against the idea that your always stuck in transition.  Like if you can't give birth your just a castrated man with good fashion sense?  It might be just jumping into the closet thinking?  I don't know for sure how I think of that but I do think the women who are anti TS aren't very open to the efforts made by people who do painful hair removal and surgery etc to be able to say they are now the "f" in m2f.

Whoever did the research to find the brain scan study THANK YOU!  Now there is a medical reason and for some of us sitting on the fence we can more easily accept ourselves.  Maybe it will require main street parades or more time for people to wrap their head around it but I see more hope when I see some science behind it.
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Re: Transgender people are born that way a new study has found
« Reply #28 on: July 20, 2019, 11:14:18 pm »
Reading this, I almost feel like an outsider.  I never had the feeling that i wanted to be any specific gender,  just wanted t be me, and live the way I liked to live.  I never had the urge to crossdress or wear my mothers undergarments (I didn't even know where she kept them).
The only explanation I have for this is that i have an entirely female brain, put into a mostly female body which was misused.  Which means, my brain and my body fit to each other.  Puberty did not make me looking male, it just let my body the way it was, except a small amount of pubic hair that grew/grows in a female fashion.  I did not get an Adams Apple, and my voice did not get much lower either, just more adult sounding.  The desire to finally be a female for good, hit my like a sledgehammer, followed like a rather long period of denying, followed by a rather very rapid transition, initiated by unexpected breast growth (I am told that this was finishing my puberty).  I almost changed within a month from presenting male to presenting female.  I now feel like I think, a cis female would feel.

I have no idea where  would fit on in the scale of transgender/transsexual individuals