Author Topic: Anyone from Denmark or Norway?  (Read 1273 times)

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Anyone from Denmark or Norway?
« on: March 21, 2018, 07:57:54 pm »
As my situation is a death sentence in Finland, the only back-up option is, that I would live in Denmark or in Norway, for six months after which I could legally change my gender in that country and the legal gender in any of the two countries, will be accepted in Finland and I can change it then here.

If there is any Danish or Norwegian here, I would really like to ask help from you. I´m not actually planning to move to Denmark or Norway, if possible, but was thinking of changing my residence to either of the countries and wait for six months and then change the legal gender in Denmark/Norway and then change it in home.

Not sure if this is possible, or do I need to be physically in the country. I just don´t know and wish someone could help from either of those countries.

In anycase, the legal gender change in Denmark or in Norway, is accepted in all Nordic countries.