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We do this periodically, it usually gets pretty heated, locked, and deleted. Let's try again, shall we?   ;D

I love guns. I love weapons and weapons systems. I love anything that goes downrange and creates mayhem.


**pulls out the popcorn** have at it y'all, I'll just be sitting in the corner watching the chaos.  :D >:-)

The few times I have tried it, I am pretty good with a rifle and hand gun my love is a shotgun. There is nothing like a full choke on target creating a beautiful black cloud of junk where a moment before there was a clay target. I have tried other games but American trap is my game.

My gun safe is big enough to put other gun safes inside it.

I have a serious problem

Considering the school shootings, this thread will be over quick. Born, raised and lived on Long Island for 40 years, Iowa for 9 and now in AZ. I’ve had a pistol license since I was 19 and have owned all sorts of pistols over the years, but I’ve had the same stuff over the past 25. I learned how to shoot on our summer trips to Jackman Maine and up until I got married, I’d hunt every year. I took a break for 17 or 18 years and tried elk hunting in Colorado some time back, but after a few years, it got expensive and I wasn’t into it like I was at one time. Even though I have a 1911 and High Power, I like venerable stuff, like lever action rifles and single action pistols, regular revolvers too. I have owned a AR-15a2 HBar years and years ago, but I don’t care for the Mattel guns all that much. I appreciate real wood and steel. I believe that people have a right to defend themselves and especially in the trans community this is a sore point for me. Too many allow themselves to be victims and at least in the US, we have choices, but the talking points and liturgy of the lgbt movement contraindicated such options. In other countries, they don’t have those options and they have my sympathies, but ultimately, we are responsible for our own safety. All that said, I don’t belong to the NRA or any political parties or other so called rights organizations. Most of them, the big ones, jobs 1,2 and 3 is to raise money and gain power and I’m too heterodox to go along with most groups agenda. Just not into the tribal insanity. I’d have to give up too much of my individuality. All that said, guns are tools that can also have artisanal and even artistic value and need to be shown proper respect. I’m not a gun nut, but I don’t eschew them and I know how to use them and all that’s fine with me. Anyway, I hope to get this posted before it’s locked.

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