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If being Transgender is a sin, does that make it deviant or a necessary evil

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By today's standards it seems that anything other than sex by marital consent is  a sin. Yet we are forgiven our sins. It is our sins that enable us to learn, and amend our behavior. Is being transgender just  a joy ride. It has been said that our greatest accomplishment is to receive pleasure. Yet, transitioning is a genetic psycho-dynamic that evolves that may, or may not be based on receiving pleasure. Today it seems we restrict our thoughts by believing being transgender is a sin because it is a sexual fetish, however the transition is not a fetish at all, it is a perception, an identification and  a direction.  Like some sins being transgender is looked on as a mental illness, but how can that be when many find it gives them a self expression they never had before. What is the conclusion can we hate either the sinner who is transgender or even the sin, when within us all we have felt an impulse to come out in this way. Are we sinners who are forgiven since like, and unlike receiving pleasure in some way we achieve self validation. Is it a mental illness, if it is it may also be harmless, but today I choose to see it is a life affirming solution that also may require evaluation and treatment.

Sins in the sense you discuss are a religious construct. Unless you strive to follow some fundamentalist belief system, I’d look for greener pad and fresher air if I were you. Judging yourself by thoroughly subjective standards that don’t work for you is futile at best.

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being transgender is not a sin, as sins are constructs of religions, and those religions are only "true" to the followers, for people like me who don't believe in religion, as I have my own spiritual beliefs, the idea of our whole existence being a sin is borderline insulting to me.

I left the church because of the hypocrisy I felt. Love thy fellow man, forgiveness and love, understanding and compassion. Yet to be different is a sin, to be pink or blue, left or right of their center line. None of it makes sense to be condemned for being a loving caring compassionate human being living a clean and proper life in different  cloths or company.
Oh and don’t get me started on the abusers protected by the church, and not just the Catholic Church. My abuser was a Presbyterian clergy member. So transitioning is the farthest thing from being a sin, I love my wife, I don’t mess around on her, I don’t harm others and I live a clean and moral life and no church can say I don’t. I am asexual so sex doesn’t even factor into this. I know sexual fetishes all too well as I used them to hide the true me and practising fetish’s disgusted and demeaned me and just makes me sick to my stomach thinking about that period in my life.  I’m not aroused or pleasured by transitioning and I’m of clearer mind now than ever before. Now that I’m the new me I’m not self harming, abusing or neglecting me. I’m also now happy in life and not wanting to end it any more. Sorry I rant but that’s me.

Hi Wendy,
Nice thoughts on a tough subject for so many people.

For me:

If there is fundamental standard for sinning, it would be an inability to follow the "Golden Rule:"

One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.
One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.

When it comes to pleasure, I look at pleasure along the lines of Ethical Hedonism (enjoying pleasurable things) and Epicurean Hedonism(freedom from negative things).

What I think is being talked about here is the mixing of gender with social indoctrination.

In Samoa, and other Polynesian societies, people like the fa'afafine are not considered mentally ill.But in Western societies trans has been considered a mental illness for a long time. How is it that in one society something is considered 'wrong' but in another society, that same 'thing' is business as usual. The problem the West has had with trans, probably has more to do with social indoctrination, rather than trans people themselves.

I think if psychological problems do occur in a trans person, it isn't so much the trans aspect of the persons psyche, it's the persons social indoctrination interfering with their mind.


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