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Attached here is a link, one of many where self discribed "feminist " and mega transphobe Germaine Greer defends her actions on her female friend being raped by her husband while doing nothing. She even seems to defend the husband. Perhaps not a suprise since she has also defended Harvey Wiestein and his evilness.

My question is, where does this mknd set come from. To people like her, I shouldn't be allowed to use the proper bathroom since even tho I am not nor ever was or ever will be a sexual predator, I am accused as such or have "potential " somehow? Yet she actually seems to dismiss true sexual predators and people who prey and women

Where does this massive contradiction come from? People help me understand because to me she just sounds like a bigot always trying to justify her own cowardice and flat out awfulness.

She’s a second wave feminist. I had a couple of them as professors. It seems to me they have underlying issues that have created a desire to have a narrative that justifies some internal beliefs based on their mess.  She’s as bad as SoCons and Paul McHugh types. At one time we’d just say she has a chip on her shoulder and she’s gone off the deep end with it.

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I'd wager you're right. After all another "feminist" terf named Kathy Brennen even admitted during one of her anti trans talks that if she grew up in today's age she may have transitioned ftm. Lots of self loathing from very damaged souls.

SailorMars, I may get whacked for not expressing condemnation of a 'TERF' but let me start with the link you gave has nothing to do with feminist views on trans women (or ms Greer's views). It seems to be that you're saying this person who has awful ideas about trans women also has awful ideas about sexual assault / #metoo. That in turn is a strawman argument that pretty clearly relies on an ad hominem on Greer.

So let me unpack that some.

First (as I noted in a post in the recently deleted thread about "TERF" views), there were some actual reasons that second wave feminists took those positions. You or I may or may not consider those valid, however trust me the people there at the time did. The women's movement was being pulled in a lot of directions.

There are reasons that those views were taken, the whole Michfest/campTrans dichotomy heavily polarized it and that's how we wound up where we are today. A lot of people have done a lot of thinking about these things and a fair bit of arguing / activism as well.

Where we've wound up today is 3rd / 4th wave feminism which *is* by and large both inter-sectional and inclusionary.

Has Ms Greer personally done anything to harm you (directly, not counting effects of anything she wrote or will write in the future)?

I'd suggest keeping eyes on the people we actually interact with and by all means write Ms Greer and say she's wrong but that branch of feminism being a thing of the past. Movements are made of individuals, change happens when a majority of individuals within a movement change. Same can be said for whole societies.

Sitting here as a Chomsky-wave radical I don't think america became a bad place when Nixon, Bush, Reagan or Trump was president. If I were a conservative of any particular stripe I wouldn't declare that the US was a bad place just because JFK, Carter, Clinton or Obama was in the oval office.

Lastly to Ms Greer's statements I can see her POV in how she was quoted and how some people who are talking about #metoo could be offended by those things. Let me assure you plenty of feminists have said both better and worse things over the years. I genuinely believe feminism has been a positive force in the world, just as I believe the US while far from perfect does some good in the world.

No one ever said feminism was bad or not good here. What I'm saying is that Greer seems like she has a messed up priorities. To accuse a demographic of being confused predators (transwomen) while excusing real predators shows that Greer is no different from the religious far right. They seem to think the same , women who get raped in marriage are "not really raped " and transgender women are messed up predators . It's basically the same mind set that holds the female gender far back. Greer is allowed to give lectures at universities because of ignorance, yet the things I hear out of her mouth are things I would expect to hear when I am dropping change into said persons cup during a ramble. It is people like her who hold women and indeed all of civil society back.


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