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Open rough draft letter to Sec of Defense
« on: March 28, 2018, 01:41:43 pm »
I post this because it has been stewing in my mind for a while. Today I decided to start putting the words on paper.

Open criticism welcome.

General Mattis,
 I have read the recommendations that you have proposed to the President. I do believe while you think you heard the voices behind the scenes you have not. I was a transgendered individual that served 23 years in the Marine Corps and at times fell under your chain of command. I always viewed you as a clear, decisive leader with the utmost respect for warrior ethos. These traits have always resonated with me. The mission was always forefront for all Marines. I lived through the don’t ask and don’t tell policy. It was abhorrent to have individuals serving that were hiding their true nature and denying a part of who they were to serve. I did hear all the derogatory names associated with people who were gay and lesbian. It ran rampant in all the social circles developed by being brothers and sisters in arms. Marines seem to always “tow” the party line of their leaders. That is the number one thing I learned from a from being a Staff Non-Commissioned leader for 15 of my 23 years of service. As we have learned from the repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell those that have been able to express themselves personally have excelled professionally. I was a leader of some of those Marines. I will not be so naïve to say as a leader I didn’t have to negate conflict with some Marines who did not agree with gay and lesbian Marines. However, as I stated above Marines will follow their leadership. As like any other introduction into service a person who others don’t agree with based on moral or religious backgrounds one thing rings true, leadership. If examples are needed in recent history, I mention racial and sexual orientation integrations. Those integrations had hiccups in the beginning and were mainly caused by leadership issues. Marines and our military focus is on the mission. The mission only becomes compromised when people’s personal issues get in the way. Thus, the lethality so desired is compromised because some leaders are unwilling to be open to the fighting tools available.

 I hear a monetary value placed on transgender individuals in relation to healthcare. This is mostly about mental health care. I would like to address this in a way not related to Viagra or anything of the like. Where are the studies of the transgender service members currently on active duty or how many transgender veterans that were suicidal as the proposed guidance pointed to transgender suicide rates? The answer will be unknown since being a transgender individual in the military is a stigma. I know this because on all the surveys that asked about me I never admitted to being transgender. I hid while excelling in my profession. How many transgender service members are leaving service early after the DOD spent 10’s of thousands of dollars in training for the individual who was a performer to say hiding was too much. That study will never happen. The data mines will only provide data and numbers as related to surgeries and prescriptions for transgender individuals. Not to get into a biological female fight here but I want to mention how much does the DOD spend in healthcare for pregnant service members? Consider time lost also. There was a point in time that the military did not allow women. The military realized a valuable resource in women and reversed their policies.  I do believe that you realize this.  I will use one famous quote you presented. “The most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears." You spoke this to all Marines. Transgender Marines included. Maybe one less F-35 fighter will give you a million miles on the battlefield.

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Re: Open rough draft letter to Sec of Defense
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2018, 05:47:52 pm »
That is an excellent letter.  I have heard in the news though that those weren’t the SECDEF recommendations.  Those were the Vice President’s recommendations as informed by evangelical right wing anti-LGBT research organizations.  SECDEF did sign it though.

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