Author Topic: What is your personal flavor of non-binary?  (Read 798 times)

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Re: What is your personal flavor of non-binary?
« Reply #20 on: June 14, 2018, 03:49:03 pm »
I still feel a gray area about the difference of NB and gender fluid.  In one hand you have all personalities with no fixed point and in the other you have all personalities with no fixed point except with leeway for change.
Where my question is, if I subscribe to NB do I need to find my personal place until I find who I am, or go the fluid route and occupy wherever and how much I want.
I think the latter.

How about that.  I don't come here for a year and almost immediately run into you!  How cool is that??  Gender fluidity and a non-binary identity I think go hand in hand and are really pretty normal.  This is about living authentically and honestly, not about what ought to be, but what is.  I am a woman, a flamboyant, sexy, and unique human being.  I am also a linear thinking engineer.  I am also at home in flannel and using a chain saw.  What is my gender?  What day is it?  For me to deny fluidity is for me to deny a part of what makes me fun and interesting.

Happy Pride  :icon_pepsi:

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Re: What is your personal flavor of non-binary?
« Reply #21 on: June 21, 2018, 08:47:59 pm »
I consider myself as both a male and female. Some days more one than the other, other days it is the opposite. All days I have both inside me. I label myself as bigender and I use almost any pronouns no matter where I am that day.

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Re: What is your personal flavor of non-binary?
« Reply #22 on: June 22, 2018, 02:20:08 am »
I think the label that fits me most is demigirl. I know I’m mostly female, and I’m really happy with with my female name and pronouns, at least much more than with my male ones, but I feel there’s something else inside (I’m AMAB). Male probably? I don’t know.. After transitioning I started to accept the male side of me that I had hated before. I realized that what I really hated was the male that I was expected to be, and not the one I really was. I just never had the chance to be me and lived always up to the other’s wishes.

I still have some of my male clothes. Most of my old shirts and vests. I have lots of female clothes also, Although sometimes I wish I had more dresses.

Like the OP, I wish I looked like those bishonen anime characters, but not the masculine ones. I like the fabulously beautiful characters that you can’t tell whether they’re male or female. At least some days. A mixture of bishonen and Bifauxnen if that makes any sense? I like the look that makes people ask me if I’m a boy or a girl. I am a little bit too fat for those looks, but as soon as i have money I’d like to do start some physical activity, probably martial arts to get rid of that fat and tone my muscles a bit.

I have long hair and I’m trying to make it white. I either tie it in a bun to give it a short/ medium length look or leave it loose, sometimes in a wuxia novel style. I believe the short like style gives me a more feminine look.

- Lis -

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Re: What is your personal flavor of non-binary?
« Reply #23 on: June 22, 2018, 08:08:38 pm »
I'm genderqueer. I don't really think of myself as male or female but rather just "other". Not a mix or anything like that just "other".
My sibling is genderfluid, but my identity is pretty stagnant. I used to ID as just male, because I was scared to be called "fake" but I've grown past that with the help of friends. As far as presentation goes though...very fluid! I pretty much wear whatever I want, from dresses to slacks. I love gothic lolita fashion especially.