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Christine's Adventures on the "Transition Highway"

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Tuesday 27 March 2018 - This is day one of the medical start of my transition from male to female.

Arrived at my endocrinologist's office about an hour early for my 1200 hrs. appointment. Checked in and took a chair in the waiting area. I had dropped in last Friday to do all the paperwork so that was out of the way.

In about 10 or 15 minutes after arriving they came for me and took me to the exam room. One of the doctors assistants asked me a few questions, the first being how I preferred to be addressed. Extremely courteous and professional. We chatted while she was entering all the data from the forms I filled out Friday.

About five minutes after the assistant left there was a knock at the door; I responded with "come in;' When that door opened the place lit up with a sparkle. Doctor "X" walked in. I immediately knew I had struck gold. She is very petite with long shinny black hair and eyes that smile.

We talked for awhile and then I gave her the bio I wrote, which is a very personal document. After she finished reading it I answered a couple questions she had. She then gave me an exam. Since I had a complete physical a couple of months earlier, she didn't need to draw blood or take a urine sample this visit.

She follows WAPATH. We discussed the AA's, which I told her I wanted to avoid. She agreed that they would not be necessary for me since I have been dressing and living as a woman for six years. She explained how she wanted to start HRT and I was in complete agreement. I will only mention her prescription in general terms so as to not provide dosing or the actual medication. She preferred to use Transdermal patches rather than oral or injections.

She spent over an hour with me during which we discussed a lot of things about my personal life, which I did not include in the bio for brevity. As the time passed I knew for certain that she is a blessing.

I asked her if she would be willing to treat other members of our community. She said yes but she can't take anyone else on at the moment. She is the only endocrinologist in this practice. She said she has to assemble a team to help her and once that is done she will tell me that it is ok to give out her name.

They have everything computerized so she entered my prescription and sent it to my favorite Drug store, which I have been using for 22 years.

I applied my first patch at 1600 hrs. CDT Tuesday 27 March 2018. Since I use two patches per week the second will be applied Friday 30 March 2018.

Since I still have my testes, the meds I am taking will work much slower, that is until I've had my orchiectomy.

She said she would write a letter to the surgeon I am seeing on the 9th of April, for my pre-surgical consultation, approving my orchiectomy without delay.

Her office called me today, Thursday 29 March 2018,  wanting to verify the info I provided as to the surgeon and his address.

I am hoping that when I have my pre surgical that they will schedule me for surgery that week. I want "Borchiday" to get here ASAP. That will be the day I'll feel reborn as the woman I have always wanted to be.

Tomorrow I'll change my transdermal patch; It will stay on until next Tuesday. It's a 3 day / 4 day routine. Eight patches come in the box, which cost $70.00. My insurance did not cover any of it. This actually isn't too bad; I can cut back on my monthly junk food consumption and actually have money left over and less fat on my body; I'm a junk food junky. Fortunately, I have three kids,  Arf, Arf, and Big Arf who require five walks per day each; that's 15 walks for me, so I do get a lot of exercise walking them and even more doing other activities like climbing trees (I'm an arborist among other things).  I think I am outing myself here, which is ok.

I may have gotten ahead of myself the other day. I ordered a bra that I thought would be a good starting point. It arrived today and darn if it didn't fit perfectly. It's a sports bra so there are no wires or hooks. It's all nice stretchy material and it even has removable cups. My nipples are exactly where they should be, right in the center of the cups. I slipped a nice T-shirt on just to see how I looked. Not too bad if you don't see my mug. My hands are another issue; aside from being fairly large, they have suffered numerous interactions with machinery, so the fingers do have quite a tattered look to them; it adds character, I have been told. I think I can do without any more character, having more than enough for several people.

I have not felt anything from the HRT I'm on; should I be? It has been just three days and it is low dose. I want the orchiectomy so I can progress at a more enjoyable pace. Once done, how long before I should see boob growth?

Next update when I have something interesting to post. I know this is a long and boring piece; I felt like I needed to "splain" things a bit more than probably necessary. I'll try to keep the updates shorter.

Thanks to everyone for being here,


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Northern Star Girl:
@ Christine:  Thanks for posting your very informative and interesting treatise on your first endocrinologist visit, HRT prescriptions, and a future appointment for an orchiectomy.... and your new bra too.  It is indeed wonderful that your visit and your impression of your doctor went very well for you.
You are certainly moving at full speed and I am certain that you are pleased with that.

Yes, 3 days is usually way too soon to see any results from HRT....  patience is required, as I always tell those that are just starting HRT.

Thanks for starting your own Forum thread that you will hopefully keep updated by frequently posting your progress....  and using your word..... thanks for wanting to "splain" all of this to your readers.

Best wishes and hugs,

Update #2 08 Apr 2018
On my fourth HRT patch. Am now peeing better. Have ditched Flomax, HRT fixed what Flomax could never do. Attended an MTF transgender group meeting yesterday. Really enjoyed the ladies there and plan to continue. Monday 09 Apr 18 is my pre-surgical consultation for an orchiectomy. I am now happier, calmer, able to focus better, sleep better and the aforementioned ability to pee better. My wing-nuts seem to have shrunk about 20% and so has my water spout. Don't think the latter is caused by the cold weather we are currently experiencing here in Fort Worth.

Best always,

Today 11 Apr 2018 had my pre-op visit. Borchiday is scheduled for Friday 13 April;  my "Lucky Day." Couldn't have picked a better one.

I know there are a lot of ladies out there that have had orchis; my thinking is that at some point there will be a noticeable testosterone crash. Is this the "proverbial calm" that settles in or is it something else I can look forward to? This is my one and only "Borchiday" so I want to be prepared to enjoy it and the days following.

Best always
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Best wishes for Friday. I only wish it could be so quick here. My urologist appointment is next Thursday and I’ll discuss an orchi then. It’s 2 weeks early at 11.5 months. Then who knows how long if it’s approved. If he needs the letter that is still 6-8 weeks away. The one plus for next week is I get my eligard shot to turn off the testicals which will chemically castrate me for now, I can hardly wait.
I wish you well and all happiness to you


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