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Favorite Fragrances?

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I recently ordered a perfume sampler, and did a bunch of reading on review sites to learn more about the world of female fragrance.  Back when I was male I owned a few different scents, and yet again I have a growing collection! 

What are some of your favorites?

So far I have:
Black Orchid by Tom Ford
Acqua di Giola by Giorgio Armania
No 5 by Chanel
Vanille Insemme by Atletier
Eau de Issey by Issey Miyakie

I was also thinking about Light Blue by Dolce and Gabana, but it sounded too similar to Acqua di Giola for me.  And while Flowerbomb by Viktor and Wolf has high reviews, I'm just not into "flowery" scents.  It's a shame Creed doesn't have anything for women that seems to rate high, as Aventus used to be my favorite cologne.

My signature scent is My NY by DKNY.

My fav is haut couture by givinchy

Gaultier II is one that works great with my chemistry!  :D

TBH, my favourite fragrance is none.  I find most scents way, way, way too strong for me.  I look for unscented products when I can.

Someone had recommended Nivea for my skin.  Lordy, I can't get that stuff near my face!  Even on my elbows, I get too much of it in my nose.  It smells like toxic waste.  Then my wife recommended a cream by Alba than smelled of mangoes.  Well, mangoes are nice, but the stuff smelled like a truckload of mangoes had been dumped on my head!  Any strong smell like that makes my sinuses burn and my eyes water.

I finally found a skin cream called Nova Scotia Fisherman, made locally, that not only works well to moisturize my skin, but it also has a very mild scent of kelp that is not unpleasant, and, more importantly, is not overpowering.

While I would like a nice, subtle floral scent, the trick is not to get run over by it.


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