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I am the HUNTED PREY : Danielle’s Chronicles

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Northern Star Girl:
To my friends here on Susan's Place:

I have started this thread to chronicle my recent experiences with my friendship and dating activities since I moved to this small town 1½ years ago....   Once I became full-time female I quit my old (male-mode) job and moved here from over 1000 miles away and started my own small business.  I am only known as a female here, no one here knows about or suspects my male past so it will definitely make new friendships and relationships, and especially romantic relationships a really interesting and delicate dilemma for me to handle.  I am a nervous wreck just thinking about all of the possible implications with my business, my clients, my new male and female friends, and my new burgeoning romantic possibilities.:icon_archery::icon_help:

I promise, more will be posted very soon, patience please.   I am going to try to at least get an additional reply posted this evening.

Of course as this thread hopefully continues I am very open to any suggestions.

Wonderful!  I have been so looking forward to this!  Its about time!

Hugs and smiles, Jessica

Grabs popcorn...and subscribed

Northern Star Girl:
To catch everyone up and to establish a starting point this is what I posted on March 26th:,234097.msg2115605.html#msg2115605
" What made you happy today? For mtF members only, please. 3.0"

--- Quote from: Alaskan Danielle on March 26, 2018, 03:17:00 pm ---Well, I could get accustomed to this....  this morning at my office I had another guy that recently met at the next door coffee shop bring me an espresso and chocolate chip cookies.   
So now I have 3 male suitors?  :icon_help:

I am starting to wonder if the coffee shop next door has a notice posted with my picture stating that I need coffee brought to me every morning ???

The coffee shop barista must have known that it was intended for me because she put a pink lid on the espresso cup.

--- End quote ---

****Hang on to your popcorn bag Amber... more updates coming soon,

Allison S:
Oh my!! When you say it like that "hunting prey" all in capitals, and with your new stunning photo, I can just imagine what this scenario is like... 3 (or are we at 4 or more now) dashing men vying for your companionship, love and celibacy.. er I mean intimacy!

Amber, I think I'll grab a seat in a movie theatre with unlimited popcorn for this one lol

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