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I was wondering if any man-to-woman transgender is going forward with it not only without GRS, but even without HRT. I know a fine looking younger transgender (27) who used hormones that she ordered on line for a while, but quit them all.  She "accomplishes" "being a woman" by breast implants, woven-in wigs, mannerisms, and voice alone. She keeps advising me to do the same.  If anyone has read my posts before, you know I am a big fan of Doctor John O'Dea of Los Angeles California, whom I have gone to twice already.  But even his powerful pellet based HRT does not seem to be changing me much.  It has grown some barely A-cup breasts which make a good basis for sub-glandular breast implants. She says do that, plus some kind of butt implants and some facial stuff, and, in my case, a face lift, and call it "a day". We plan to do that in Thailand.  The HRT's estrogen affects my heart in some way... when the estradiol starts coming down, I have pesky PACs, that is, heart bumps.  Now, I'm going to have that mother-(BEEP) ablated so that will not be a factor any more, but still, even without that... and of course, SHE does not have that... I wonder...  Should I just let the pellets run their course, let the testosterone come back, maybe even enhance it, then get the "woman form" by exercising the heck out of the hips, legs, butt, however, very little on the upper body?  (Even with lots of testosterone, the upper body will not develop without exercise.  Just that testosterone makes the muscles much more responsive to exercise. So one can control it.)  It would save TREMENDOUS amounts of money that I could put forward for going to Thailand for the breasts, butt, face-lift/facial feminization.  Hmmmmm........   What do you all think?
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I personally know of two non-op trans women. Each has their own reasons for staying as they are. They identify as women but both have made a decision to not have any surgery. One has family issues and the other has financial issues.

Your cardiac issues are a big disqualifier for GCS. Many surgeons feel that you would most likely not survive the surgery. The cosmetic work you mentioned is not as involved as GCS and many older people have some cosmetic work done at an advanced age. Every surgery has risks and we accept those risks if we feel the possible outcome is worth while.

If feminizing surgeries are in your future, then resuming HRT once your cardiac issues are resolved will definitely enhance your feminine appearance. Keep in mind that many doctors will advise against HRT even after resolving your cardiac issues.

All too often we focus on the obvious female characteristics, but pay little attention to the subtle ones. HRT softens our skin and our behavior in a way that no surgery can. When I first started HRT, people around me say that I looked different somehow, but since I was not public about my transition, I did not tell them of my HRT, but the changes were noticeable.


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Hi Josephine8Alexandria,
I thought I would add my 2 cents as I can relate.

Your Friend sounds like she has a good grasp on her Transition, and I get the vibe from your text that she's happy in her presentation and female role without HRT.

Im keener to go down the FFS and some body surgery (slight lipo contouring).
Face is the biggest thing with Gender reading and blending and hormones can only do so much here. A prominent forehead like mine needs a surgeon for the desired look.

For me, as My Wife is Cis Female and heterosexual, HRT has a few drawbacks.
I am concerned about using anything drug wise for the rest of my life, as thats a lot to agree to. I worry about loss of sex drive. I worry about loss of over half my physical strength. I worry about being too big a shift from my Wifes preferences appearance wise (she can cope with me being Trans, a Feminine face however as she's said if she was to date a Woman, she would choose a strong butch girl not a high femme type, so for her some of my muscle needs to stay)

In your case, the right exercises for glutes make a lot of differences. heavy Hip Thrusts, and Glute Bridges are the best. Far more effective than Squats if sheer Glute size is your goal . If you dont train upper body, yes you won't see much if any gains here. Ive seen some good gains with Hip Thrusts 2-3 times a week, in the 10-20 rep range and increasing the weights.

Given your health worries theres a lot to consider too, as you have to be safe in your choices. HRT isn't for everyone.

I would say assess your options. - I feel going forward there will be a lot more NON hormonal we are thankfully in a enlightned era where it can be accepted that Trans Female does not mean one has to automatically hate their gentialia and must pursue transtition to the point of GRS. There is no one way to be Trans.


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I thought about taking the plastic surgery route and cease HRT, as I don’t like being dependent on medication.

But there are a few reasons I haven’t done it.

Cost being number 1.

I couldn’t afford extensive facial feminization and extensive electrolysis and buttocks implants and expensive human hair wigs.
It would come to a total of over 60k$ and I’m early to mid 20s. People my age don’t have that amount of money. If I meet a partner, we will likely also want to have our own place one day, which means doing a serious loan. That loan means a serious chunk of my salary per month to pay it off.

So extensive surgery instead of HRT is not an option for me.

HRT is cheap and has been responsive to my body.
It has given me some great results.
And it’s affordable enough per month for me.

I am planning on getting breast implants because getting those only costs less than 4k$ US in my country.

But I can definitely see why someone would prefer taking the surgical route over the hormonal route.

I asked my doctor to keep my hormone doses low enough that they wouldn’t put me at health risks of developing liver disease or heart disease.
My doses are low enough that they conform well to what’s prescribed for menopausal women.

I am in perfect health these days. My blood pressure is perfect and my liver values and such are all monitored closely by a general physician.

So I’m not worried about HRT putting me at increased health risk.
My risk is still low enough.


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