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How can I get the effects of HRT naturally?

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I am a 18 yr old mtf called jade. I would like to transition to mtf, but am going to transition naturally, without hrt. I would like to know how I can get the effects of hrt without hrt, such as the softer skin, etc.

Any suggestions?


You can't.

It´s impossible. I tried and tried and put god knows how much money to different lotions etc, to achieve that softer skin. When breaking up with my girlfriend whom with I was for 12 years, she screamed at me, that no lotion or cream will make me a woman.

After starting HRT and being on for a month, I kind of understood what she said, even when it was meant as an insult, she was right.

There isn´t anything in the world that will affect this body so, that it turns into more feminine version, with soft skin for example...other than HRT.

Charlie Nicki:
Unfortunately I also don't think it's possible. And from what I've read here not even the "natural" teas or creams can do all the things that HRT can.

The estradiol the doctors prescribe is as close to what your body produces as you can get. Yes in the lab they start out with something that's close to Estradiol in chemical structure and then they tweak it into estradiol, but the resulting molecule is chemically identical to the estradiol that is produced by the human body. In addition it's a whole lot cheaper that the natural products that aren't chemically identical. Natural doesn't always mean better or safer. It just means it was produced in nature. Remember that hemlock is natural but you sure don't want to eat it.


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