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How can I get the effects of HRT naturally?

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Finding Lauren:
Hey Virelai,
Spearmint tea sounds like a nice  tease of my spirit girl.  Your avitar seems to be drinking in what she needs.
Turning something, anything around would be fun.
Good luck with your therapist.  Make sure they list Transgender people as a speciality.  I selected mine also with the photos they posted, looking for an empathetic face. 

It’s Tea time,


It may not do a lot, but I have certainly noticed a difference, especially in the softness of my skin. I actually can't get over how soft my skin feels and I can't keep my hands off of my arms and legs because they're just sooo soft now and I love it!  :icon_redface: That must be the beginning of gender euphoria. =P

Nevertheless, the box says to "enjoy up to three cups a day", so I'm doing just that. I probably would be drawn to exceed that if it weren't so expensive. But I don't know why it recommends only that and don't want to do anything too unhealthy.

Actually, she's playing a musical instrument called the oboe. I know it's kind of hard to see.

Spearmint tea is my favorite. My wife was the one who found out that it is said to be an anti-androgen.

I did some research on it since.

You got to be careful because drinking too much "might" impact your kidneys but I never had trouble with this.

There are limited studies in male rats and cis women.

Regarding the rodent study: 200-250 mg rats who consumed 20-30 mL of "tea" per day containing 0.8-1.2 grams of dried spearmint per day reduced their total testosterone to about 1/4 of normal starting amount. To figure the equivalent human amount you have to divide the amount by 6.2 to account for the difference in rat to human metabolism.

So a 100 kg human would need to consume approximately 52 grams to 96 grams per day. This is a lot!

The rat study also showed that half of this dose resulted in about a 50% reduction in total testosterone.

But the real trick to spearmint may be its ability to raise SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) significantly. This has the potential to bind DHT>Testosterone>Estrogen. This has the potential to significantly reduce free testosterone levels. I believe that it may be one of the two forms of Carvone in Spearmint that causes this effect.

But be careful. Just because it's herbal or naturall doesn't make it safe at high intake levels.

You would have to steep 3.5 to 6.5 pounds of dried spearmint leaves every month to get 25% in testosterine...maybe. or 1.75 to 3.25 lbs of tea per month to get 50% levels.

Another study with women with high levels of free testosterone drank two cups of spearmint tea for 30 days. The result was a reduction in free testosterone by 28.9% from 5.12 ± 2.14 pg/mL, down to 3.64 ± 2.67 pg/mL.

"Normal" free testosterone levels in women range from 0.6 -10.8 pg/ml. For men it's 52.5-207 pg/ml. We really don't know what spearmint does for men, if the results are scalable, or if drinking morevthan 2 cups a day will have increased results. But it's fun to imagine reducing a man's free testosterone.

Because of gatekeeping that I faced half a decade back when I was trying to get on HRT, I dipped my toes in the world of hormonal products by starting herbs.

The one I used was a basis of hops. It contained 8-PN .
I had to use multiple caps of them and they were expensive.
They did work to some extend but nothing like real HRT .
The only good things they did for me is that they stopped spontaneous erections, gave me softer skin and they allowed for dry ejaculation.
Mentally I was still full on dysphoric. They don't calm your brains like real HRT will do.

I have been 4 years on HRT ever since and I would never go back on herbs for the uncertainty of longterm effects you deal with in particular.


--- Quote from: kanad3 on April 17, 2018, 07:47:07 am ---I'd say at 18 years they are at the border or where they might or not need FFS. Might be too late. I started at 17 and still need FFS.

--- End quote ---

Time had nothing to do with my NOT needing FFS. I started when I was 50 and everyone tells me I do not need FFS. My avatar picture is recent, within the last 2 weeks, I've had no surgery on anything.

Genetics was my FFS. Everyone walks an individual path. FFS wise it's definitely been YMMV!




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