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Games you have sunk the most time into?

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I just join an amateur league team for Heros of the Storm so I spend my of my gaming hours in the nexus but when BFA launch Ill jump back into wow for my healer. Before the storm is a really good book so far if anyone's looking for some pre-story before bfa hits

Hoo boy.

Skyrim. About 2700 hours up to now. Mostly modding.And more recently VR.

Elite Dangerous. Maybe 1900+ hours. Mostly VR.

Coming in a distant third... Monster Hunter World. Almost 200 hours.

Played WoW for most of vanilla, TbC, and Wrath.  Quit because I had kids and I didn't have time to justify the sub fee.  Started playing again in legion and got through the third content release, then found myself bored with it...  Now I've pre-purchased for the August release of BfA and all the alpha/beta stuff I've seen on it has me wondering If I'll re-sub or not.

Purchased a game I may never play.  Ugh.

Anyway, I only played that game for such a long time nearly everyday that I must have 1500 hrs. into it by now.

The most hours I've put into a game: Pokemon Pearl at nearly 1,000 hours.
I've put an average of 150 in most other Pokemon games, and a couple hundred into various Fallout games.

Yay, more pokemon fans!

TicTac, the Souls series is awesome but frustrating; I would personally recommend starting with Bloodborne. It has smoother controls and a cool gothic setting with Lovecraftian monsters and themes.


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