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dont know where to start after seeing my GP.

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A few weeks ago I went to my local GP, he was really lovely and has referred me to the gender clinic,  it is a 7month wait ( which I think is quite good maybe it will be longer? )

So right now I have ordered some ladies clothes and cheap make up  and a wig from wish , mostly just to play about with on my own. I am about to graduate to university so will be starting a new job as a care assistant in a care/nursing home somewhere in liverpool. Problem is , when I go to interviews do I mention my transition? Should I wear make up to my new job? when should I start wearing wigs? I just feel like theres so many things to get used to , im excited to do them but dont know what baby steps to take next!

I need to say im living full time as a women to get hormones which is what I want and need.( is this mostly about changing your name?I dont know practical wearing feminine stuff will be in my line of work? )

I dont know where to start in regards to wearing make up at work/wigs at work. Gosh the idea of starting a new job and starting a transition there seems so much. I am so unsure about everything , I know I need to take small steps but im just unsure which ones to take next.Any help would be lovely!

Well they tend to have gender neutral uniforms in care/nursing (ex is a nurse) I work for a national chain of auto centres and tech clothing is same for female workers so in a way no change for me just a short wig (nowt up top!) and breast forms but do nails and earrings. Not had any trouble coming out anywhere . Employers cant discriminate on gender but it might be best to get the job in male mode first and then come out gradually to secure a job, just my thought. It wont affect your work and (don't take this the wrong way) most of the folk your caring for wont remember you when you leave the room .   

Hi Mittenskittens,

Well done on seeing your GP and starting things off.

Hopefully others with more experience than me will reply regarding discussing your transition with any future employers. I guess ultimately it will depend on how quickly you want to transition.

One thing that I will say is that you certainly do not need to live full time as a woman in order to be prescribed hormones, so only do that when you're ready to, and in your own time. I believe that it can take quite a while to obtain them via the NHS, but that is due to waiting lists rather than how you choose to present. An option is to start things off privately, preferably involving your GP in some form of shared care arrangement. Dr Webberley's GenderGP service is one such example if you want to Google that.

Yes, do consider taking things in small steps and make use of resources such as here to pick up tips from others.

Best of luck!


Ha, Davina must have been typing her reply as I typed mine and beat me to it. I'd go along with what she says re employment. I've started HRT without mentioning to my employer as I'm quite happy to continue in male mode at work for the time being while seeing how things pan out. As mentioned, you don't need to be full time to be prescribed hormones so go with what you're comfortable with!

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