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Lucy Ross:
I just noticed that all the people online identify as female, does the board cater to my gender or something?  Is there a dearth of FTMs and nonbinaries here?  Or did I just happen to look into this when they were all offline?

It always puts me at the top of the list so something is going on with the code, obviously.  And plenty more - I looked at one listed member's profile and found out that they were busy at the moment "Viewing Lucy Ross's Profile," thanks for the Kafka-esque anti-spam measures guys!   :D

  Hi Lucy,

  I believe the list shows members in order of most recent activity. While you are on doing something you are going to be the most recently active most of the times you look at it.
  As for the gender of who is online goes it is just a matter of who is online at the time you look at it. J Mtfs do out number the ftms by a large margin and in with those the you see are the non binary also and who know who else that you cannot readily identify.
  Does that help you?

 Hope all is well with you.


Lucy Ross:
Got it.  I didn't know the demographics here were skewed towards the ladies so much.

I'm doin' alright, say hi to Christina for me when you get a chance!

I’ve seen both.


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