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Alexa Ares:

--- Quote from: Shambles on May 08, 2018, 12:30:24 am ---On the whole this jusy made me sad, it highlights the difference in awareness of a younger generation and how these people where able to identify what was wrong and be open about it at an early age. It also shows the negitivity that in my head im up against, the cis womans views and the chaps in the pub for example.

It also highlighed the ignorance of knowlage of the wife, i thought she wasnstarting to understand but she cant grasp things that ican relate to in the show and i was left trying to be nice as didnt want to start an arguement

--- End quote ---

Shambles, I sympathise with you situation. If I can offer any advice, please try to be patient with your Wife. Its hard for Wives to come to terms with the fact their husband is Transgender. My Wife and I were in a much worse place a few months ago (read a post somewhere on here from January)  and over time me being willing to LISTEN TO HER and her fears, meant she became more willing to take on board my feelings and see that me being Trans is part of me, and I cant be someone I am not.

Its tough for any couple who are in the position you and your wife are in, or I find myself in with my wife, however there is a way forward.

If your wife hasn't rejected you off the bat, I would remain hopeful that given time things can improve.
If you haven't already try to speak to a fair and balanced therapist together.

Also , look for what brings you together, and reassure her about how you feel about her. Ive found with my Wife, her big fear was I was going to want to dump the kids and her, to swan off and live a different life. She's realised this is not the case, and that not only can the marriage work, she can be supportive of My physical transition within limits....

Hope this helps,

Wednesday there is another show about being a woman 9 pm


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