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Want a job with good pay, white collar, more opportunities to get the job because you have a desired commodity.? Education. I found this FREE site while trying to figure out how Susan's site works so we can improve our Links pages. Many jobs available now and in the future. Avg salary is $80k.

V M:
This actually looks interesting, I'd love to get paid for my efforts/work again

Roll: has some free courses as well (basically samples for their nanodegree programs but still great), in a large range of topics that is developed by people like Google directly.

It was BariJo who told me about "Coursera". Having had extensive programming exposure in the past still found the concepts and algorithms behind Stamford U's "Machine Learning" to be quite challenging yet presented in a very thorough manner! 

They were using "Octave" (Matlab), a high powered GUI that solves "equations with linear algebra operations on vectors and matrices." Best part? Can "audit" full class for free and/or sign up for "Certificate Credit" anytime!

Did you know -> nobody has ever been able to "hand code" "voice recognition" until they figured out a way to get computers to do it by itself, totally unassisted? Professor Andrew Ng is writing his own book and students are able to pre-view chapters via download . . .

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Codemonkey and WW3 schools are also good free coding sites.


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