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How to achieve the natural 'no-makeup' makeup look

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How to look your best and still look natural at the same time.


Wing Walker:
Hi, Nero,

That's a darn good question.

Yesterday I wore makeup because Cindy and I had dinner with the owners of the apartment in which we live.  I chose an outfit that wasn't just jeans and a top and used makeup to cover the daily blemishes.

I say that because now that I am not in the workforce any more I almost never use makeup.  What they see is what I have.

Were I to go "light and natural" I would cleanse my face, use moisturizer, brush-on some loose powder over it, and all a wee tad of mascara (my eyes handle highlighting very well) and lipstick.

Ten minutes' work.  When I get precise with the makeup it takes longer so seldom do I get precise.  I just feel lazy.

Did I give you a reasonable response?

Oh, and don't forget earrings.

Wing Walker

P.S.  Oops!  When I opened your posting there was no You Tube item showing so I replied like it was a question.  Sorry!


here was me thinking the big secret was to not wear makeup? :S
R :police:

Wing Walker:

--- Quote from: Rachael on December 26, 2007, 09:34:27 pm ---here was me thinking the big secret was to not wear makeup? :S
R :police:

--- End quote ---

It is, Rachael, and not all of us are good at it, especially an old duck such as I.

Wing Walker

Best thing is to get plenty of sleep, and proper diet, alots of fresh veggies (darker green the better, and plenty of water.  Then use good facial cleansers.  I use Neova  products  for facial washes and their hydrating moisturizer.  Take extra care with moisturizing  around the eyes.  I good  tip someone  told me  was to use Aquaphor and put it all over your face and neck area b4 bed and the next day your skin will be baby smooth.


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