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I have a cold...and...


...I cough a the mornings a lot more...
In short (after more than two months post-op) can the vagina pop out if I cough too much/hard?
Silly question, perhaps, but still :)
Hugs to all
PS - I dont's really a cold, LOL

At two months, things should be healed enough that everything will stay in place with coughing. It's still possible to have a problem with sex if the doctor hasn't cleared you yet but there is no need to worry. I would guess that around 4-6 weeks is when and self dissolving stitches let loose so you should be beyond that point and everything is held in place through normal healing.

Thanks a zillion, Dena!
And, yes, the stitches did come loose after about 4 weeks (all loose threads hanging around, they're all gone now)...
Sex was cleared after 60 days...which is I NOW have to discover how to snag a guy...first, LOL
Thanks for the reply, I do appreciate it a lot :)


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