Author Topic: Open letter to anyone anxious and afraid! (Read if your fear is posting here!)  (Read 3949 times)

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Thank you for posting this! I haven't posted in a long time; partly because I am going through some troubled times where I am back in the closet an partly because I have have pretty bad anxiety! It sure is helpful to see people do care though.

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Thank you so, so much! That was really, really helpful.  :)

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Thank you so much Ellie (wish I could have found this post when you first wrote it), after several years of lurking and soaking up info, I have finally gotten over my paralyzing fear of posting and created an account.  Making a mental note to give you a "+" as soon as I'm able, you are the best!

~ Sky

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it always makes me feel happy to check in on this thread and see that people have continued to find it of help.  ;D  <3
~ Ellie
(I made the s lowercase so it didn't look as much like PMS... ;D)

An Open Letter to anyone suffering from anxiety, particularly those afraid to make your first post or continue posting!

8/30/17 - First Therapy! The road begins in earnest.
10/20/17 - First coming out (to my father)!
12/16/17 - BEGAN HRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5/21/18 - FIRST DAY OUT AS ME!!!!!!!!!
6/08/18 - 2,250 Hair Grafts
6/23/18 - FIRST PRIDE!
8/06/18 - 100%, completely out!
9/08/18 - I'M IN LOVE!!!!
2/27/19 - Name Change!

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Thank you for posting a link to your open letter.

Most times that i have posted anything with real feelings on this forum, I have removed it almost immediately because of what someone's response was, or because there was no responses I figured nobody cared to deal or interact with me/my issues.

My world was often no bigger than my room with a closed door.  Intentionally had no internet for 3 years. No TV for 10+. After the past few years on the road, I have withdrawn again.
I push others away because I think I'm beating them to it.
Good to be aware of this at least!

I like your new profile name, Roll!
Crossdressed as small child. Told parents, then hid it.
1980s-2010s Alternately "out" to varying degrees and/or outright denial and man-faking
2015 Surrendered/allowed my she-self to show more outwardly. Changes begin.
Currently working with counselor. No HRT or surgeries yet.