Author Topic: FFS with Dr. Zukowski  (Read 892 times)

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Re: FFS with Dr. Zukowski
« Reply #20 on: May 26, 2018, 11:56:22 pm »
I have always looked younger than I am... especially now. I'm in my 40's, and look much younger.  That being said, beware the trach shave. I had Dr. Menard do CTA, but the surgery was in the same area (I had no noticeable adams apple, so didn't need it shaved so he said)  but the SCAR on the neck hasn't faded. Just be aware thats a possibility. If I hadn't been so hasty I could probably have easily retrained my voice as I had pushed it that far anyways... eh hindsight & all that.

Still working on reducing it.. if the microneedling isn't effective I'll have to think about just having someone recut & sew it back together again as a last resort.
I had a deep voice prior to transition, and I was able to obtain a female voice without surgery; it takes a lot of work, and persistence, but it’s something that most trans women could accomplish.