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Utterly Confused:

--- Quote from: Loxygen on May 24, 2018, 05:08:40 am ---I received a PM, but unfortunately I can't respond via PM (I assume I have not made enough posts). Hopefully the person that PM'd me can see this response here.

I am not sure what I can post about people so please let me know if I break any rules mods. (I couldn't find this rule on the rule page, but recall seeing this referred to previously)

GPs in Canberra
I see Dr Nick Hamilton at East Canberra General Practice.  Nick has been amazing for me, he understands my issues and is great in helping with other health issues. Nick has been able to manage my hormone levels without the use of an endocrinologist, he has sufficient knowledge in this field which will save you lots of money. This also means you don't have to find a trans friendly endo. Nick referred me to a psychiatrist in Sydney (Dr Patrick Toohey) who is a specialists in gender dysphoria. My understanding is that there are trans psychs available in Canberra who can do this, just they have longer waiting lists. One of the great things with nick is that he uses his trans related knowledge to treat other health issues,  for example when getting blood tests he will refer to the difference between male and female levels, and let me know what is appropriate which can be confusing for some doctors.
Another Dr at East Canberra General Practice is Dr Tuck Meng Soo, who also specialises in transgender care.
I think the Canberra East General Practice even employs a Transgender Receptionist, however I haven't approached them directly to ask. they certainly display a sticker of the trans flag in their reception, so all in all it is a very trans friendly practice.

Services for Transgender People in the ACT
I want to link directly to a number of resources, however I think I am not allowed to do this. Mods can you clarify if I can get some of the websites that host useful resources added to the list of websites that I can link to?
Instead here are some instructions to find some resources:
Google A Gender Agenda and go to their website. Click the link to 'Resources and Surveys', and on the right I would recommend you read the 'Medical Information' resource and the 'Gender Diversity in the ACT: A Survey of Trans Experiences'.

Medicare applicability
Most treatments for Transgender People are covered under Medicare. GP visits are either free or heavily subsidised by medicare. Once you have a referral from a GP, specialist vists to Endocrinologist or Psychologist or Psychiatrist are subsidised.
Most blood tests are free, this include hormone level checks.
Medicare pays for medications under the pharmaceutical benefit scheme, so almost all medications are subsidised, for me this covers all hormones I require, I assume this would also cover testosterone.
If a medical service is not available in Canberra and you have to travel to access it, I understand that medicare will pay for a good portion of transport (ie to Melbourne or Sydney), however I have not used this yet.

I am not sure what you can get as far as surgeons in Australia. My advice from surgeons is if the surgery is medically necessary then the surgery will be significantly subsidised by medicare. For bottom surgery there is 1 MTF surgeon in Melbourne, and apparantly another in Sydney (who I have heard does not do many surgeries anymore). I do not believe there is currently a surgeon in Australia who does FTM bottom surgery. As for top surgery, I cannot advise, but I would assume that a suitable surgeon would be available in Canberra and if not, in Sydney or Melbourne.

Obviously all this advice relies on you being eligible for medicare, if you are not an Australian Citizen you may have to do some research to see what the rules are. I know New Zealanders get better treatment in Australia than most, but not sure how this applies to Medicare.

Hopefully this information answers a few of your questions, feel free to ask more. I apologize that I could not send this to you in a private message.

--- End quote ---

Thank you so much! this was so helpful


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