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GOP candidate films herself confronting transgender woman using bathroom

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Seems fake and staged.


--- Quote from: Devlyn on May 18, 2018, 11:27:01 am ---Seems fake and staged.

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Why do you say that?  You think she did it to perhaps improve her standing with voters?  There are some who do this sort of thing, even though they're not running for office.  There was one, a while ago, when a CIS woman was harassed and accused of being a man in a women's washroom.

If it is fake then somebody has gone to extremes to make it look legitimate.  The woman in question has both a Facebook page and another website pertaining to her campaign as a Republican running for Congress.

--- Quote --- Jazmina has decided to run for this 2018 election as a candidate for the United States Congress, California 44th District to fight for and truly represent all Californians with their needs and rights. She supports President Trump’s agenda for the benefit of making both, a Greater America and Safer America. . . .

Jazmina is Pro-life and supports our Second Amendment. California passed laws against our morals and faith as conservative families. . . .

Jazmina will work to eliminate laws that affect our decent and hardworking citizens, as well as to prevent our children from being indoctrinated in schools with ideologies that corrupt and destroy our moral values.
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I meant that the video looked set up, not that she isn't running for office. She ran for another California office earlier this year and didn't make the list of qualified candidates. I  think her antics make her unelectable, but that's opinion.

A little more about Saavedra:

--- Quote ---Challenger Saavedra, a Bell Gardens resident, is a founding member of the Latinos for Trump political group. She is also the Spanish-speaking spokeswoman for the Christian Coalition and Make America Great Again Inc. “The good people in the 44th District of California deserve to have a candidate who will reach out directly to them and focus on the issues of employment, reducing crime, empowering the families and providing our veterans with the respect they deserve, among other things," she said.

Saavedra doesn't see any problems with being a Trump supporter in the race for a largely Democratic district. "I'm not a politician, I'm a citizen," she said. "It's not about Democrats; it's not about Republicans. It's about God."
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Source: "Three Women of Color — 2 Democrats, 1 Republican — Are Fighting for 44th Congressional District Seat"

APRIL 5, 2018

Saavedra ISN"T going to win.  California 44th is a VERY atypical Congressional district.  The population is approximately 70% Hispanic, and Democrats hold a 6-to-1 registration advantage over Republicans there, according to the Elections Division at the CA Secretary of State's website.  In effect, Saavedra is a fringe candidate in the the 44th.

Nevertheless, she is quite representative of the tendency among backwards candidates to look for  opportunities to leverage bigotry and fear of trans folks for political advantage.  Why?  As she says: "It's about God."


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