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Pride events around Seattle, WA


Hi this is a repost from the Pink Pistols Seattle FB page. We need help at some of the upcoming pride events.
 Here is the edited text from Laamaj P Washington of the Pink Pistols


Saturday, June 2nd Burien Pride - 8AM - 8PM
Saturday, June 9th Volunteer Park - 10AM - 7PM
Friday, June 22nd Transpride Cal Anderson Park*5pm-8pm
Saturday June 23rd Capitol Hill (Broadway) - 8AM-9PM
Sunday June 24th Seattle Center - 8AM-8PM
Sunday June 24th Pride Parade -
Most of these events actually begin between 10AM and Noon, but you have to be set up before it starts. There should be at least two people helping with setup/and take down, if we could break it into 1-2 hour shifts it would be nice. I won't speak for Sharyn Hinchcliffe but I know that I'm not spending all of my weekends in June volunteering 12 hour shifts at pride events, the more people that help out, the easier it is on everyone.

With Transpride, we were refused a booth because they are allied with the Alliance For Gun Responsibility... we would like to get a VERY LARGE group of people together to canvass this area since we were denied a presence (members in shirts, handing out handouts throughout the event so that our Trans Community, often the most vulnerable members of our community, know of our group and self defense options available to me).

PM me or post public with any comments.  I am going from Tacoma and a bus and the link gets right to the Transpride event. Time to stop hiding in the shadows.

Hey, There is a meetup tomorrow at 10AM over at Rainbow Center. Can you make it? It's my first time going.


--- Quote from: DawnOday on May 19, 2018, 03:27:33 am ---Hey, There is a meetup tomorrow at 10AM over at Rainbow Center. Can you make it? It's my first time going.

--- End quote ---

Sorry was up till 6am Working. My partner Susan made it. I hope you had a good time there. The boon and bane of being self-employed is you work when you want and when you need to. IF you want to be active in the community the Rainbow Center could use some positive Transgender people to get a group going or help with some of the current ones. Tacoma is like a neglected step child at times, a ton of potential there not much love given.
Take care,


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