Author Topic: When you are a 6'5" transgender woman and there are 2 cis women taller than you  (Read 702 times)

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Today I attended my 2nd brunch with The Tall Society for all tall women (transgender inclusive) to get together and unite. It's a very diverse group of women from different walks of life. My friend Bree (standing in the middle with heels)  started the group 3 years ago and I met her at a Long Tall Sally popup store in Manhattan 2½ years ago. She wanted everyone to know that the group does welcome tall transgender women and that they have meetups in NYC, Atlanta, Houston, Charlotte, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Amsterdam (where Bree is originally from.)
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Wow, that's pretty cool  ;D  I've seen a few cis women my height 6'2" and few that were taller than me over the years

There was a small group of exchange students from europe who were going to the University a few years ago, they were all my height or taller  ;D

I always enjoyed seeing them
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Unfortunately, none in Phoenix.
 Update: subscribed to email and closest city Phoenix was there. Cool.

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