Author Topic: wondering about risk to mobility with phalloplasty  (Read 288 times)

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wondering about risk to mobility with phalloplasty
« on: May 22, 2018, 03:57:39 pm »
hi everyone,
I'm going to be starting t very soon and am very excited.
However i know that with starting t there's going to be some changes "downstairs" and it's got me thinking about bottom surgery more seriously.

For a while i started packing with a 2.25 inch packer to see how i may possibly feel if i opted for metoidioplasty, but it gave me too much size dysphoria.  so i've realised metoidioplasty probably wouldnt be "enough" for me. However, i am very unsure about my options when it comes to phallo.

To explain the situation briefly, i have hemiparesis ( a weakness and reduced mobility down one side of the body, for me, my left side.) I've had it since i was born and it can't be cured.
I have heard that the reason its recommended that the donor site for phallo be the opposite arm to the dominant one is due to the risk that there could be some impairment of function.
Obviously if this is the case i don't want to risk any further reduction in my mobility in either of my arms or legs.
But i wonder if the same risks would apply to abdominal flap or dorsi flap (MLD) phallo?
especially with the MLD phallo, would there be a risk of restriction in moving the arm? I presume theres no risk of restriction of movement with abdominal phallo, but my abdomen is already very hairy pre- T so i wonder what i would have to do for that?

I know this seems ridiculously early on in my transition to be thinking about this. but if there is a risk high enough for doctors to recommend donating from the less dominant arm, i dont think i want to take the risk, id rather realise that now, and take time to grieve not potentially not being able to have surgery, than get my hopes up and end up distraught.
thanks in advance.