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Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I keep getting messaged from my AV that it has blocked a virus called Bloodhound.Exploit.281 when I visit (some of ) the pages on this site.  It says it's in a file called "normal_post.gif".  Do you know about this??

Even on this page there is the warning, so it must be in the website itself and not what someone has posted?

The page sources of Susan's Place do contain the line
but I find it hard to believe that it contains a virus, although image files can be hosts.

Perhaps it contains some data signature that your AV mistakenly flags as a virus.  I have heard of such things happening.

Someone with a technical knowledge of Susan's Place might provide more reassurance.

If something is triggering your virus detector it is something local to you. The site isn't triggering any of my programs or those of other staff members.

Macs aren't subject to this type of virus but Window systems can be. It might help to know all of the thread you have had issues with so we can review them for common links. Susan's doesn't have any virus content but linked files can contain viruses.

As Cindy and I both run Mac hardware, we won't see any issues but we can examine the threads without harm.


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