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Pope condemns conformation surgery

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Pope condemns conformation surgery

Pink News/by  Bill Browning    10/07/2017

'conformation surgery for transgender people'

Thanks for posting this Stephanie. The pope and I have a mutual understanding, he doesn't believe in what I'm doing and I don't believe in what he's doing.
Not a bash, mods, a statement of factual reality!

Yet recently, he told a gay man god made him that way. I think the pope has a disconnect somewhere in his understanding.

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Funny to hear that man telling something about manipulating children...

I am a religious. I err more towards the conservative side. However I do believe the pope is wrong.

Firstly, whether the Church likes it or not, for everything they say about being made in God's image, there is the problem that nature isn't perfect. Nature makes mistakes. There are autoimmune conditions, blindness, deafness, congenital birth defects, all manner of issues.

We would think nothing of taking various pills, potions and tablets to help ourselves. Even so far as eye glasses, hearing aids and hair pieces.

What is the difference with transgender surgery? You are, for want of a better expression, correcting a mistake of nature in order to bring your physical body into congruence with who you truly are.

I see nothing wrong with it.



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