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Pope condemns conformation surgery

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--- Quote ---Why must there even be a creator? Who created them? And who created them that created them? And them who created them that created them who created us?
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Yep, that's where the creator argument falls apart.  If you rely on a creator, you then have to explain the existence of that creator.


--- Quote from: BlueJaye on November 06, 2019, 08:04:17 pm ---Data abhors a vacuum. Ordered complexity abhors a vacuum.

We know that biological life runs on programs. Genomes, DNA, etc. are just programs. They are written in codes that have observable syntax. But a code cannot write itself. You can have programs that write programs, but eventually you still end up with the problem of authorship. Some intelligence had to be the origin of the codes and programs. And that originator must be self existent without beginning.

And since we know that time is immutably linked to space, it would be reasonable to think that any entity that could create space and time would have to dwell outside of space and time. To exist outside of space and time would require that the entity be without beginning or end.

The existence of God seems perfectly logical to me.

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That sounds a lot like "intelligent design", which is just warmed over creationism.


--- Quote from: AnneK on November 06, 2019, 08:43:35 pm ---That sounds a lot like "intelligent design", which is just warmed over creationism.

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I won't deny that. I am a creationist.    ;)


--- Quote from: Linde on November 06, 2019, 08:09:09 pm --- They must have been on lunch break when they wrote my code, and the cat ran across the keyboard!
Could it have been the flying spaghetti monster, who caused all that?

--- End quote ---

I adhere to the Biblical account of the created order being subjected to a curse that brought death and disorder.

Spaghetti is tasty, but doesn't make for good theological discussion.

My head hurts lol. >.<


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