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Pope condemns conformation surgery

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--- Quote from: John406 on November 07, 2019, 05:15:50 am ---My head hurts lol. >.<

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Spaghetti is loaded with carbs, too much can give you a headache...

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--- Quote from: BlueJaye on November 06, 2019, 09:22:47 pm ---I adhere to the Biblical account of the created order being subjected to a curse that brought death and disorder.

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You mean that I am cursed?  I don't think so, I bet it was the cat running across the keyboard of the code creator!  I think I am blessed, think how easy it was for me to transition!

Charlie Nicki:
I honestly don't care at all about anything he has to say lol.

I'm a practicing Catholic and I guess this is one area where I just have to disagree with the pope. 

In my experience explaining being trans to people, while many are sympathetic, most just don't "get it".  Being trans is a bit like faith.  To another trans person, no explanation is necessary, to a non-trans person, no explanation is possible.  Faith is the same.  If you have it, no explanation is necessary, if you don't, no explanation is possible.

So it's just as hard for me to explain being trans to others, as it is to my non-Catholic friends why I'm Catholic!


--- Quote from: Paige on June 07, 2018, 07:37:35 pm ---Hi Devlyn,

I'm not worried about you.  I imagine you have no problem taking care of yourself.  But I do worry about transgender children brought up in traditional Catholic families.

Take care,
Paige :)

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I have been raised by a Catholic family and conservative political ideas. Devotion, prayers and political party of right. And here I am, they took me to specialists, puberty blockers at 14, real life experience at 15, my grandfather paid for my breast augmentation at 16 and will finance my sexual reassignment. My family went to the institute to say that they would treat me like a woman and they went through all the town hall to get my name and sex changed in my documents. Think what you say, Catholicism in its elementary branch is about charity and empathy and for many personal thoughts, a good family will accept their little one. I went from grandson to son, and from son to daughter and without them I would not be a young lady. If the Pope says that, he says what many people think due to lack of information and stigma about transgender people, but in science there is also God. I personally believe in the dogmas of the Church and in their charitable work (in my country many poor people eat thanks to them) but not in everything a bishop says even if he is the first bishop of Rome. A person can choose to worship God through whatever religion he wants or be an atheist, but not judge anyone, and there are more atheists who judge Christians than the contrary.


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