Author Topic: Pope condemns conformation surgery  (Read 3815 times)

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Re: Pope condemns conformation surgery
« Reply #60 on: April 10, 2020, 12:57:03 am »
The truth of the matter is that Christianity - not just Catholicism, but all denominations of Christianity - are filled with imperfect people.  I should know; I'm one of them!  Christianity is not always well represented by people who claim to be part of the faith.  Some believers are grossly opposed to the LGBTQ community; some are blatant bigots; some are snooty and self-righteous.  Name a human defect and you'll find it within the Christian ranks.  However, this is not true only for Christians, but all peoples.  Human beings have looked for reasons to hate and oppress one another ever since Cain killed Abel.  Yes, there are some Christians who themselves misunderstand the Christian faith and thus they may not be the best representatives.  However, their flaws do not indicate in any way that God does not exist nor render the faith as unloving.  Christianity itself is not about being perfect.  It is, in fact, all about admitting to a perfect God that we are imperfect and need His perfection in order to be whole.  While some believers misunderstand this, there are others that are just as welcoming and accepting of Transgender people as well as LGBTQ as a whole.  In every scenario, it is the negative press that gets all the attention.